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  1. raymond

    Phrag Andean Fire X phrag hirtzii

  2. raymond

    Phrag Mémoria Marcel lussier

  3. raymond

    Paph Memoria Gisèle Ostiguy

  4. raymond

    Phrag Amélie Lussier

    Phrag Amelie Lussier
  5. raymond

    Phrag Lussr Louise Blanchette

  6. raymond

    Phrag Elise Lussier

    Phrag Elise Lussier
  7. raymond

    paph vietnamense

    a first bloom
  8. raymond

    Paph vietnamense

    a first bloom oup la photo
  9. raymond

    Phrag Gargoyle

    this is a cross that I made there 4 years and I have several plants that have flower stem
  10. raymond

    paph vietnamense
  11. raymond

    Miltassia Maluka Lussier

    a new hybrid that I just register
  12. raymond

    paph concolor

    this is the time of concolor paph
  13. raymond

    Paphiopedilum Gege Hughes

    nice flower
  14. raymond

    Phragmipedium Inca Fire

    very nice
  15. raymond

    Phragmipedium Ann Bosshart

    this plant is really a good father in the crossing, I hate to see them bloom
  16. raymond

    paph Louise B. Lussier

    here is a hybrid last that I recorded at RHS paph Pine Glow X Shin-yi's Pride
  17. raymond

    recovery Phragmipedium Inca Fire

    appears invisible
  18. raymond

    Lycaste Amelie Lussier

    another of my hybrid
  19. raymond

    Phrag. Jerry Dean Fischer

    Phrag. Jerry Dean Fischer is a new hybrid that I redid
  20. raymond

    Phragmipedium Inca Fire

    Phragmipedium Inca Fire