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    Cattleya labiata coerulea Natural World x self

    Caffine seems to work as a pot drench. I buy cafine capsuls, make a solution of approx 800 mg caffeine in a gallon of water. Seems to Even work on bush snails. If it is a valuable (to me) plant I just repot.
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    Cattleya lueddemaniana coerulea flamea ‘Lukamee’

    Terry, Pete, Leslie, thanks for the info/ education! I found it to be as interesting as the flower is beautiful. Tom
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    C. Betty Ford ‘York’ AM/AOS a fine First Lady

    For those who like eye candy, enjoy. Details of this and other First Lady Orchids are available in Chadwick’s article.
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    Cattleya trianae ‘wein (Vienna) 2018’

    Terry is the substance notably heavier
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    Stanhopea reichenbachiana

    GP, actually my tigrina is a huge specimen size (12 inch basket) and usually has 4 or 5 spikes with multiple flowers per and does bloom over time for several weeks. It’s kind of amazing to watch the buds swell and the all of a sudden POP with enough energy you can actually hear the sound if your...
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    Stanhopea reichenbachiana

    I love Stanhopea and have several. They remind me of sea creatures like a giant squid. Here is my Stanhopea tigrina which is usually the first to bloom for me (Sept-Oct). While the blooms usually only last for a few days there are huge, often several at a time and the wonderful fragrance fills...
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    A couple of cattleya percivalliana clones

    SB, Thanks for describing your process. I too have pretty good luck potting plants with air roots if it becomes necessary. I normally tend to avoid cutting/trimming those roots but sometimes it is necessary. (I would rather trim than break) and frequently the root(s) will branch which is a good...
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    L. anceps 'White Magic' X Lc. Florence Lin 'Diamond Orchids' AM/AOS

    My anceps, gouldiana, and autumnalis have been in bloom for a few weeks now.
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    Blast from the past

    Eric, you comments are a lot kinder than mine would be.
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    Cattleya percivalliana ' Paolo'

    I too would be interested in the column comment. Here is my ‘Summit’ with tubular sidelobes.
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    Cattleya (Sophronitis) coccinea dreams coming true

    Yes it is a standard. I believe it is a sib cross I got from QF.
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    Cattleya (Sophronitis) coccinea dreams coming true

    I too am happy that my coccinea got the message:
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    Sophronitis Surprise!

    Yes buds are fat and yellow orange. I‘d guess a Tokyo Nursery 4n flavum. However knowing you it ain’t that easy…
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    Rlc. Memoria Helen Brown 'Sweet Afton m. Splash'

    Taking a fine looking orchid out into natural sunlight when judging, often causes the colors to really pop and, if the texture is crystalline, the ” diamond dust” to really sparkle can often add a few points.
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    Laelia perrinii ‘Suwada’

    Tres Chic!
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    Brassavola nodosa buds

    Orchids teach patience.
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    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    STUNNING! great plant good job!
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    Schlumbergera 'Samba Brazil'

    Ed, looks like an excellent grow space. Plant is just outstanding!
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    Aerangis kirkii

    Crystalline white stars with long spurs begging them moths to come hither. I LOVE them.
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    My new green house in use finally

    Stunning! No matter how many times you’ve done it or how many years you’ve been growing..Moving into a new space is always a great adventure. Bon voyage!