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  1. Ray

    Wanted 2.25" x 3.25" clear square pots

    In case folks aren’t aware, Harry died a few years ago, and his kids are now running the business. Chula has a “partners” page, listing resellers of their stuff, so maybe one of them still has some of the small, clear pots.
  2. Ray

    Wanted 2.25" x 3.25" clear square pots

    No, Harry owned Chula Orchids, and had McConkey produce clear, UV-stabilized versions of several of their own pots, but he had to buy them all. Jan & Ulla Jurrisen owned Kelley’s Korner for years, and along the way, bought the molds for Rand’s Air-Cone pots. When they sold KK to Daryl, who has...
  3. Ray

    My Best Fox Valley Fireball

    You have always been my idol when it comes to phrag growing. That is excellent!
  4. Ray

    Wanted 2.25" x 3.25" clear square pots

    Yeah, they made them specifically for Harry. He literally had truckloads of them on site. If you Google "2.25" square pots", you'll get options, but none clear.
  5. Ray

    Wanted 2.25" x 3.25" clear square pots

    I used to get them from a Chula Orchids, it it doesn’t look like they carry any longer. I know Harry had them made by McConkey, who does have something similar in black, but they also require a $500 minimum order.
  6. Ray

    New experience on Phragmi.

    All of my phrags are in semi-hydroponics, where the roots are kept constantly moist (not soppy) and very airy.
  7. Ray

    NCOS 42nd Paph Forum, Sat afternoon (EST) Jan 22, 2022

    Good thing you're not down here. I can't even open my doors right now, due to ice.
  8. Ray

    Greenhouse whammy

    In PA, I spent $4500-$5000 for propane for a whole winter.
  9. Ray

    Rockwool chunks

    Certainly container choice is one of the many variables that affect your culture - unglazed clay pots are very porous (speaking as a degreed ceramic engineer and ceramist). Just how much air flow is through the pot I don’t know, as that varies with raw materials and firing, but that porosity...
  10. Ray

    Rockwool chunks

    There's no "one size fits all" answer. I have experimented with everything from 100% rock wool to 100% LECA, including 50/50, 25/75 and 75/25 and 1/3 RW/2/3 LECA. I think it's best to see what works for the individual grower, under their own conditions and watering preferences and abilities...
  11. Ray

    A little Fritz action

    Great, Dan!
  12. Ray

    Potting Question

    I use plastic pots as well. If the roots do stick to them, a little coaxing frees them up with minimal damage.
  13. Ray

    Greenhouse whammy

    We dodged a bullet - for now. 34F and rainy right now, but the temperature is supposed to continue to drop and turn it into freezing rain.
  14. Ray

    Rockwool chunks

    FWIW, in my experience, straight rock wool cubes ended up being insufficiently airy for my preferences, because the flat surfaces “stacked” too easily, as can be seen in places in the original photos. I think it really pays to add “something else”, even in a small amount, to help break that up.
  15. Ray

    Greenhouse thermostat help…

    Now you have me wondering if I gave you incorrect advice! Apparently, I confused “low voltage” with “millivolts” My experience with thermostats is that they are nothing more than temperature-controlled switches. If they are not connected to anything (i.e., no electricity passing through them)...
  16. Ray

    Manzur La Aldea flavum x kovachii ‘Ken’s Best’

    That’s great. Not yet registered, as far as Orchid Wiz is concerned.
  17. Ray

    Greenhouse thermostat help…

    The "millivolt" specification merely means that is as much juice as it is capable of carrying. A "line voltage" thermostat has more capacity, but still can be used on your heater, as it's merely looking for an on/off function. I upgraded to one of these on that same heater a long time ago, and...
  18. Ray

    Non flowering of Paph hybrids and species

    It sounds like your plants are underfed - your regimen is providing about half of what I feed.
  19. Ray

    Greenhouse whammy

    I really miss having a greenhouse, but not having to worry about heating and heater failure is a big relief.