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    Cypripedium subtropicum - signs of seedling life

    Cyp subtropicum is a dream plant for Cyp growers. Years ago, I, like many others, was able to obtain some seed which germinated but the seedlings never thrived in flask and I lost them. A couple of years ago Wenqing Perner offered deflasked seedlings. The seedlings were of excellent quality...
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    Cypripedium Anita

    Here is Cyp Anita that I purchased from Anthura last year. It is a hybrid of Cyp formosanum and californicum. Like all formosanum hybrids I have seen the leaves are quite wide although without the formosanum pleats. Also, like all formosanum hybrids, the flowers are essentially identical to...
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    Cypripedium Huanglong Love

    I purchased two of Wenqing Perner's new hybrid, Huanglong Love (xventricosum x tibeticum) a few months ago. A lovely complex hybrid of (calceolus x macranthos) x tibeticum. I am told that these two plants are pod siblings - certainly xventricosum is quite varied in its clones - solid red...
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    Cypripedium Huanglong Love

    I purchased two of Wenqing Perner's new hybrid, Huanglong Love (xventricosum x tibeticum) a few months ago. A lovely complex hybrid of (calceolus x macranthos) x tibeticum. I am told that these two plants are pod siblings - certainly xventricosum is quite varied in its clones - solid red...
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    Cypripedium Schoko

    Cyp Schoko is another favorite. Each year the flower quality among my plants varies. For whatever reason this is a banner year (rain was typical - a lot! but the winter temperatures were somewhat colder more often than usual. We had a 24 F night and a few in the upper 20s). Here are flowers...
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    Most elegant hybrid Cyp flower - Cyp xcolumbianum

    My all time favorite hybrid Cyp flower is xcolumbianum (natural hybrid of montanum and parviflorum pubescens; Mother Nature does a very good job. This particular specimen, in my "show bed" has highly twisted sepals very much like its montanum parent. The flower is about 3 times the size of...
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    Cyp macranthos and tibeticum and hybrids between thm

    Here is one of my better macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum Here is a nice tibeticum This is Cypripedium macranthos 'John Haggar'. It is macranthos x macranthos var hotei-atsumorianum. Malmgren tried to register it as a formal hybrid in 2011 but it was declined as crossing 2 macranthos was...
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    More Cyp Sabine

    I hit Send accidently before adding all the pix. Here is a first time blooming Sabine. It has very intense flower coloration. I will set it aside to see how it matures. Like Linus I find that most album flowered Sabines have slightly smaller and more oval-shaped flowers, like the one at the...
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    Cypripedium Sabine several plants

    Cyp Sabine is another early bloomer for me. I start off with two nice clumps. Each bloomed for the first time in 2015 and were in the same raised bed through Fall 2019. I then moved them such that one clump is in my new display bed and the other is in a mixed garden bed. Both were a bit...
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    Cypripedium formosanum and Cyp Lady Dorine

    Here is Cyp formosanum and a Cyp formosanum hybrid, Lady Dorine, both blooming now. Lady Dorine is a hybrid of formosanum with fasciolatum and is one of my favorites. I find the flowers to be quite elegant and beautiful with their faithful reproduction of their parent formosanum, and while the...
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    First Cyp flowers of the year

    Here is Cypripedium Bernd. It is an early bloomer, first opened last week. This is also an image link test.
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    Gardens at Post Hill Fall 2018 Cypripedium List is Now Active

    The GPH Fall Cyp list is available at - we have some nice plants this years, including a couple of our own registered hybrids. Ron
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    Cyp Eurasia - a magnificient hybrd that I ignored too long!

    This is Cyp Eurasia. The hybrid has been around a long time, having been registered by Nakamura in 2005. I have imported specimens for three years now (originated with Anthura) but the first two years I sold all of them without keeping one. Last Fall I received more and only sold three so I...
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    Cypripedium lichiangense

    I have historically had a lot of problems keeping this species alive. I now have two of them that have bloomed more than once before dying. Here is the senior one, in bloom now. This is its third year in bloom (I have managed to keep it alive for four years having gotten it as a mature plant...
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    Blooming Cyp's in Washington state garden

    Hi, All, We purchased a house by the Olympics in West Puget Sound. We planted some Cyp's during Fall 2015 and some during Fall 2016. We got some great blooms this season and now have Cyp's in Connecticut and Washington. I have been posting images on the home page of my web site if you...
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    Cypripedium cordigerum

    Here is a rare species in cultivation that I have wanted for a long time. I like the bright pastel green sepals with snow white pouch. These are small flowers, just larger than true Cyp candidum. Ron
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    Cypripedium fasciolatum x acaule

    There was discussion of this cross recently. Here is a plant in bloom. I have several of these, all obtained from a wholesaler in Germany (HardyOrchid). I believe but do not know for sure that these plants originated in Belgium. They are definitely hybrid. The flowers look like...
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    New Cyp's for Fall - List is Up

    Our Fall list is up at Gardens at Post Hill - We have some nice new hybrids this year. We have been increasing production gradually which is allowing us to reduce prices for some of our more established hybrids and species. Thanks! Ron
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    Cyp yunnanense and farreri

    Here are two new bloomers for us: Cyp yunnanense is a very nice small species. Looks a lot like macranthos but with nice tall stems. Growing in pot since a seedling (from Phytesia) for several years to first bloom. Cyp farreri is like a miniature fasciolatum. Growing in a pot in Paul...
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    Gardens at Post Hill Spring Plants - New Stuff!

    Hi, All, I put up the Gardens at Post Hill spring list: We have some very interesting new plants added this time (some others seem to agree since the list was put up two days ago and a couple of the new selections are going fast). Our spring deflasked seedling...