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  1. TropiCool

    Wanted 2.25" x 3.25" clear square pots

    I'd love to find a source for such pots here in the EU
  2. TropiCool

    Cymbidium goeringii "Mangetsu" 日本春蘭「満月」-plucking flower buds.

    Perhaps you can share the recipe on here for others growing in Europe as well?
  3. TropiCool


    TBH, I can't imagine growing plants of any kind without using a liquid seaweed amendment.I think I first used it around 1975, because the 2 young guys producing it in a small lab talked me into trying it. I had 15k orchids in a 30' x 50' commercial glasshouse. After a couple of months using it I...
  4. TropiCool

    Hello from Holland

    Welcome from Alicante Spain. I was in Holland the past 2 years, but my orchids demanded a change of climate, so here I am. And not at all unhappy I listened to their appeal :)
  5. TropiCool

    Phrag. pearcei

    And the pouch opening that reminds me of an opera singer's mouth
  6. TropiCool

    Cattleya...First love.

    Certainly felt that way at the time, and looking back from now, no regrets in following that path!
  7. TropiCool

    Cattleya...First love. be clear....absolutely so!!!
  8. TropiCool

    Paph. Franz Glanz

    I just received a plant from them. Shipped from the Netherlands. (Holland referring only to the western-most provinces)
  9. TropiCool

    Cattleya...First love.

    For me, it was seeing a picture of Phrag pearcei in the 1970s. A few days after, I had a vivid dream where a giant pearcei blossom was hovering over my shoulder and following me around, while a deep voice kept intoning the Latin name. I kid you not. I became obsessed, tracked it down to J and L...
  10. TropiCool

    Fungus Leucocoprinus birnbaumii in my plants

    Seems to be mostly on the pieces of charcoal?
  11. TropiCool

    Hi everybody!

    I think maybe fondness follows after understanding and familiarity, no? I see lots of orchids on windowsills in my region, but most are phalenopsis purchased at the supermarket.
  12. TropiCool

    Greetings From Concord, MA

    My orchids and I lived there for a few years loooooong ago. I'd forgotten the notable zip code.
  13. TropiCool

    Greetings From Concord, MA

    Often referred to as "The Bathtub of Boston" 😀
  14. TropiCool

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome from Orba in Spain. Where are you living and growing?
  15. TropiCool

    Another one from Italy

    Hello and Welcome from the other side of the Mediterranean!
  16. TropiCool

    hello everyone

    Hi, and welcome from Spain!
  17. TropiCool

    Paph druryi

    Home, east window, receiving good morning light. That was 'then', in NW Europe. Recently moved to the Mediterranean region of Spain (Alicante), and so far it's outdoors under shade cloth, SW exposure. Still looking strong and happy.
  18. TropiCool

    Paph druryi

    I had a seedling I could well have named "Cheshire Cat" for its steady shrinkage towards some uncertain vanishing point. I re-potted into pure basalt chips (also known as 'trap rock'). Seemed to like that. It's heading the other way now, gaining size, the leaves are very strong and it has a...
  19. TropiCool

    Hello members

    Welcome from the Netherlands
  20. TropiCool

    Tetraploid phrag seedlings

    I just bought some from Amazon in the Netherlands, but it's packaged in China and while allegedly NZ moss, we'll see what actually arrives. As it's dried, it could be old stock though.