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  1. TropiCool

    "Cambria" mass marketed in EU. Hoping for a better ID

    I know, I know. But it was quite beguiling and I was already buying garden supplies, so in the cart it went. Unlabeled other than the name of the grower/distributor. Found it on their website, but only marginally more informed now. I really don't get why mass producers think the public can't...
  2. TropiCool

    Epiphytic Paphs?

    I was just noodling around, searching out info on epiphytic paphs (there aren't many spp), and up popped this pic taken in a mist forest on PNG. What could it be? original page here: Epiphytic orchid species from cloud forest | Bernard Van Elegem
  3. TropiCool

    EU Plant Passports

    Question for European members: Can the Plant Passport codes now required on all commercially traded plants be used to help with the 'NOID' dilemma? Does the vendor need to actually name the plant (we hope accurately)? Is there a DB where a Plant Passport can be used to search out the IDs?
  4. TropiCool

    Leaf dieback on calanthe

    I'm having a lot of trouble with a Calanthe argenteostriata. No matter how I treat it (low water, keeping damp, light seaweed based fertilizer, no fertilizer, shade house culture in Spain, now windowsill culture in the Netherlands) the leaves just keep blackening from the tips downwards, and now...
  5. TropiCool

    My grow list as of August 11, 2019

    In case it's interesting, here's what I'm growing at the moment, on the Catalan 'Costa Brava' north of Barcelona. Mostly just one or two plants per variety. All outdoors in a shade house between (roughly) May 15 and October 31. Those marked with #C remain outside over winter, all others come...
  6. TropiCool

    Hello from Barcelona

    Hey all, I've been a member for a number of years already, but only visit the forum episodically. I just updated my profile to say more about where I am and what orchidy, slipperlike focus I have. If you're curious, have a look. I'm interested in talking with people any and everywhere, but...