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  1. My Green Pets

    Bulbophyllum croceum Lindl. 1830

    The flowers are brilliant orange little sunbursts, so cool and unusual. They only lasted about 4 days, and they have a very faint, sweet earthy fragrance, kind of like overripe fruit, or fallen autumn leaves after a rain. I got some cuttings of this plant from an OrchidBoard member last year...
  2. My Green Pets

    Mormodia Jumbo World 'Kanazawa' HCC/AOS

    This plant has been grown in a variety of conditions over the years, from outdoors to sun room to grow room to greenhouse. This past year, it's been in my apartment grow tent, and it's done better than ever before. Biggest bulb and most floriferous blooming ever, 40 flowers on 2 spikes. Flowers...
  3. My Green Pets

    Clowesia Rebecca Northen

    Interesting little flowers with a lemon ginger fragrance. I have seen clones with much more open flowers, so I'm disappointed that these are so closed. Undecided whether to keep it or not. Meh. Source: Sunset Valley Orchids, 2021
  4. My Green Pets

    Bulbophyllum lepidum

    Cute little fan-shaped inflorescences. Grows in a bark/perlite/sphagnum mix.
  5. My Green Pets

    fasciculatum in situ

    "Clustered lady's slipper" Found this little one today on another Colorado mountain hike.
  6. My Green Pets

    Native orchids and other flowers in the Colorado mountains

    I posted about the Cypripediums found on last weekend's wildflower hike, but there were lots more flowers to see. Here's a few of them. Wintergreen Columbine, Colorado's state flower Don't know Meadowrue Wild iris Penstemon - these are the most numerous Clematis Indian paintbrush
  7. My Green Pets

    parviflorum in the mountains

    Went on a wildflower hike here in Colorado this past weekend and found a few colonies of Cyp parviflorum. Just love them.
  8. My Green Pets

    Cattleya rex 2021

    Rex blooming season came a good 3 months early this year! Maybe it was the intense LED lights that brought them out so fast. This clone has been dubbed 'Urqu' meaning 'mountain' in Quechua. Judging is May 8, but I don't think they will look too good at that point. We shall see.
  9. My Green Pets

    Mormodia Jumbo World (Clowesia Grace Dunn x Mormodes buccinator)

    37 blooms this year. There are two awarded plants of this grex in the AOS record books, however they are larger and more floriferous. Regardless, I will submit it for judging this evening. Fragrance is citrus-menthol, light but pervasive.
  10. My Green Pets

    Fredclarkeara Desert Davison (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Melana Davison)

    Purchased from Sunset Valley Orchids' 2017 Catasetum offerings. First bloom for this plant. I'm in awe! Look how the color goes from burgundy to black, depending on the light. Forty flowers!! AOS judging is this coming weekend, I hope the judges will like it as much as I do.
  11. My Green Pets

    Bulbophyllum Lovely Elizabeth (Elizabeth Ann x rothschildianum)

    Best bloom yet this year with 7 spikes. This is the popular Elizabeth Ann (of 'Buckleberry' fame) crossed back to rothschildianum, which causes the spikes to be more upright, instead of hanging down like the Elizabeth Ann parent. It shares an 8-inch square water lily basket with three other...
  12. My Green Pets

    Cycnodes Wine Delight 'J.E.M' FCC/AOS (1984)

    Twenty-eight blooms this year!! Wonderful, powerful cherry cough syrup fragrance :)
  13. My Green Pets

    Prime Child 'Apollo' AM/AOS (primulinum x rothschildianum)

    My first multi, bought off eBay in 2014 from Lucky Girl Orchids (now defunct). Lucky me, two years later I took it to St. Louis for judging, and it won an 87-point AM. It is the current record holder for natural spread on a Prime Child at 22 cm. Most it's ever done is three flowers, but I'm...
  14. My Green Pets

    Photo and artwork of Bulbo echinolabium

    I follow @hennypennypress on Instagram and love her style, so I asked if she would do a portrait of my beloved Bulbophyllum echinolabium, also known as 'HAL'. I think she absolutely nailed it. You can commission a portrait of your favorite flower, too, by contacting her: Joanna West Moser...
  15. My Green Pets

    Cattleya rex siblings

    These are first bloom seedlings from a flask I bought off eBay back in 2014. By the way I am in search of quality pollen for an outcross. I'm suspicious that these are from a selfing. Enjoy!
  16. My Green Pets

    Global Virtual Orchid Show April 4, 2020

    Hi everyone, many of you, like me, have experienced the letdown of a local orchid show or expo being cancelled due to the restrictions currently in place to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier this afternoon on YouTube, I suggested a virtual orchid show as an attempt to counter that...
  17. My Green Pets

    Appletonianum with 2 this unusual?

    Hi, I just browsed all the AOS awards for Paph appletonianum in Orchids Plus and did not see a single one with more than one flower per spike. Is this in any way special? This is from Windy Hill btw Thanks
  18. My Green Pets

    How much slow release fertilizer?

    Look at all the good stuff in this fertilizer. But it's slow release, in granules... how much to use? Want to try it on my big hybrid multis.
  19. My Green Pets

    Anyone in Denver?

    I'm visiting till Saturday (April 7). Would love to meet a fellow STer, see your plants, or talk orchids. Visited Fantasy Orchids yesterday, very nice place.
  20. My Green Pets

    Our cat died

    Sasquatch was such a beautiful kitty. He loved to be brushed and petted. He was very communicative and like to be around people. He normally stayed indoors, but occasionally was let outside to run around. Recently due to some unhappy changes at home he wasn't receiving the attention he deserved...