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  1. SlipperKing

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    My version of MDC
  2. SlipperKing

    Paph Kemp Tower 'Aubrey' AM

    Named after my oldest daughter. Awarded in 2014 and I'm not sure if it had 3 or 4 flowers at the time. PEOY x philippinense The wife took over my photography studio So I had to make do with the garage door in the up position!
  3. SlipperKing

    Paph richardianum The Best

    Its only called the best because its my best out of the 4 I have. Bought 3 of them in Feb 2020 another I've had longer. I find the petals to be the most fascinating part. At first glance one would think the tips are solid maroon with a sheen to them but in fact, the centers are a cream yellow in...
  4. SlipperKing

    Phrag ecuadorense 'Birchwood 'HCC

    Blooming without fail
  5. SlipperKing

    Phrag Caroline Miller Ott

    'Saw Tooth' because of the beautiful teeth on the petals
  6. SlipperKing

    Paph richardianum 'Pale Richard'

    Sequential this time
  7. SlipperKing

    Paph dianthum alba

    1st bloom
  8. SlipperKing

    Paph parishii

    One flower left to open
  9. SlipperKing

    Paph Payakka Kodkod

    A fairly new hybrid coming from Quintal Farms. Tiny and cute, thaianum x concolor
  10. SlipperKing

    Paph Joyce Hasegawa

    Eighteen years in the making. Enjoy I took this pic a couple of days ago in the GH
  11. SlipperKing

    Paph acmodontum

  12. SlipperKing

    Paph volentianum in Texas

    One of my clones. Enjoy
  13. SlipperKing

    Phrag Albopurpureum

    My version of Albopurpureum aquire May 2002. Growing happily in a cheap plastic pot 1/2 full of clay balls semi hydro
  14. SlipperKing

    Phrag andreettae

    Gracing me for the third time with its awkward little flower
  15. SlipperKing

    Paph Wossner Blackwings

    From Sam, Orchid Inn's breeding. Enjoy
  16. SlipperKing

    Paph thaianum

    My 'White Corona' blooming again this year. The first flower's stami was embarrassed 😳 and decided to hide in the pouch but the second wasn't.
  17. SlipperKing

    Crazy schilleriana

    Crazy color and crazy shape but blooming for the second time at my home. 'Raspberry' x sib
  18. SlipperKing

    Cat xisabella

    I've posted this natural hybrid a number of times over the years. Blooming again intermedia x forbsii
  19. SlipperKing

    Paph rothschildianum

    One if the old Orchid Zone breeding. The last flower's left petal ended up a little jinkie. I thought roth spikes went straight up? This one not only went out but took a curve like a dog's hind leg before finishing.
  20. SlipperKing

    Another Orchidinn order

    After emailing back and forth with Sam I placed another order. This time I got M Koopowitz, PSH0135 which has been blooming out with 80 cm petals! I have his PSH0146 which was in spike at the time but the last flower was the only one to survive and open. Knock dead beautiful but with shorter...