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  1. TyroneGenade

    green pod maturation times

    Hello, Does anyone know how long a complex-bulldog type Paph seed pod takes to mature? I have a InCharm-Topaz that was pollinated back in March. Do you think it would be ready to harvest already? Thanks
  2. TyroneGenade

    orchids, CITES and the Lacey Act

    Hello, I have question regarding how the orchid hobby intersects with CITES and the Lacey Act. All paphs are CITES protected and so considered endangered. Under the Lacey Act there can be no trade in endangered species... CITES permits enable international trade but how does it work...
  3. TyroneGenade

    Paph In-Charm Topaz (Lisa x Davelle)

    First flowering. Photo without flash, using natural sunlight. Not a tea-cup Paph but pleasing all the same. The plant is quite compact making it easier to care for and display. There are definitely two plants in the pot as there is another flower coming and it is smaller than this one, so I...
  4. TyroneGenade

    ISO: Tillandsia usneoides

    Hello, Anyone have a handful of Tillandsia usneoides they can part with for the cost of postage? Thanks
  5. TyroneGenade

    Phrag. Fox Valley Fireball

    Hello, Some cheer that recently bloomed in my home: This one was from Little Frog Farm, I got it about 3 years ago. It languished while I was in Iowa but since moving to TN it has perked up and rewarded me with such a lovely flower. The flower has gotten a bit brighter since opening but...
  6. TyroneGenade

    recent activity notifications

    Hello, Is it possible to disable the "so-and-so liked so-and-so's post" notification from "recent activity"? I would like to know about new threads and replies and find the "liked" notifications distracting. thanks
  7. TyroneGenade

    Paph Seagrove Spice Girl

    Hello, Well, the long Paph drought is finally over. This is the first Paph I have bloomed since 2013 on growths grown under my care. I got this plant off Ebay in bloom (photo right at the end). It nearly died twice while trying to grow Paphs in Iowa and has now finally recovered to the point...
  8. TyroneGenade

    Neofinetia on my office windowsill

    Hello, my Neofinetia is behaving well this year. I got it from Hauserman's some years ago and had only ever produced a single spike. This year it has given me 8 spikes! I don't know what has brought on this floriferousness but hope it has something to do with its new home on my office...
  9. TyroneGenade

    Orchids of the Inca Trail

    Hello, My wife* found this page of orchids seen along the Inca Trail: Some I recognize some some I don't. I am most intrigued by the little yellow slipper orchid shown. The leaf shape doesn't look right for Cyp. calceolus (see...
  10. TyroneGenade

    Division of Epidendrum porpax for Restrepia or other Pleurothalid

    Hello, A friend sent me some divisions of Epidendrum porpax---enough to share. I am interested in swapping out for a Restrepia but would be happy with another small Pleurothalid division. I am not looking for anything special... just something to trial under my current growing conditions. Thanks
  11. TyroneGenade

    News article on Zambia's orchids I think I will stick to Turkish delight.
  12. TyroneGenade

    Plant cyborgs

    Hello, This article popped up in my newsfeed: . I expect it would be pandamonium in my house if I hooked up my plants to that devise. All the plants moving back and forth to get their prefered light levels... There has been a lot of...
  13. TyroneGenade

    best source for orchiata bark and pots

    Hello, I'm moving house from IA to TN and am taking (as many as I can of) my orchids along but will need to transport most of them as bare root and then repot on arrival in TN. I have decided to pot in orchiata bark and need suggestions on the most economical source to purchase it from and...
  14. TyroneGenade

    New species: Andinia tingomariana

    There is a new orchid species: Andinia tingomariana
  15. TyroneGenade

    Flame lilies!

    Hi all, Had these photos for a while now. These are my flame lilies (Gloriosa superba), 3 years on from seed they are now starting to flower. The flowers are gorgeous but otherwise the plant is a really nasty piece of work. I don't recall the parent plants having the white streaking in...
  16. TyroneGenade

    Wanted: Sl Psyche & Slc Mahalo Jack

    Hello, Anyone have divisions for sale: Sl. Psyche Slc. Mahalo Jack Sc. Crystelle Smith ‘B.K. Orchids’ Thanks
  17. TyroneGenade

    Apostasia shenzhenica genome paper

    A new paper out on Apostasia shenzhenica:
  18. TyroneGenade

    Who is going to Redlands?

    Hello, I got a copy of the plant list by Afri Orchids (Lourens Grobler) of the plants he can bring to Redlands. I am interested in one or two items but can't attend the show. Plants have to be collected and paid for in cash. Is anyone going that would be willing to complete the transaction on...
  19. TyroneGenade

    what do with a bonsai in winter?

    Hello, Back in March my wife bought me a small juniper bonsai. Now winter is fast approaching and am wondering what to do with it. I could bring it inside, into my make-shift orchid greenhouse... but was wondering how other people who live in the frosty north keep their bonsai come...
  20. TyroneGenade

    Coconut: young or old?

    Hello, Well, my helenae x Hellas pod is doing well and I'm making preparations for sowing. Coconuts are not commonly available out in my neck of the woods so when I saw one on sale I snapped it up. It was one like this: The water was still greenish, not clear like the water from the...