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  1. cnycharles

    Cattleya warscewiczii semialba ‘Pink Trumpette’

    That is different… very nice
  2. cnycharles

    Where to buy supplies?

    Sometimes you can get lava rock on sale at lowes/Home Depot as gas grill stone
  3. cnycharles

    Greenhouse whammy

    Just as long as the orchids are alive … :D
  4. cnycharles

    Where to buy supplies?

    welcome! I used to get a lot at Kelley’s Korner but they shut down retail sales
  5. cnycharles

    Dividing a plant 3 years overdue

    When I saw the root pic I thought ‘good luck’ :D but saw you did get it apart. My eyes would have glazed over after an hour of peering and pulling!
  6. cnycharles

    Phragmipedium kovachii

    Yes that is really warm and it would be a hassle
  7. cnycharles

    The 'water twice' approach to watering

    If your plants are over dry, and you are going to feed with something really strong, it may be better to hydrate to a better level and then at some point give a feed. Also if you are a heavy feeder and you let your plants get really dry (like cattleyas possibly) then you can get built up dried...
  8. cnycharles

    Difference in culture

    Greetings from s jersey! I don’t know enough about paphs to speak up
  9. cnycharles

    Phragmipedium kovachii

    :) if you had a really (really) deep windowsill, I’m sure that with warm weather and your normal air conditioning in the Carolinas, it would be okay. It seems to be being over 80 gives it problems. And if you use a outer clay pot and some air movement indoors it would be fine I’m not sure I...
  10. cnycharles

    While I'm flattered...

    It is odd! I don’t see it anywhere using safari or chrome (on phone) but if you do a google search for slippertalk, in the results there is a red sophronitis to the left of the address. Anywhere else, I see the red besseae just noticed it here in tabs view on my phone; icon to left of the page...
  11. cnycharles

    I'm Back, or at least I think I'm back.

    Re-greetings! a while back, I was living in an employer’s apt on property and it had no phone line, I had to pay for data on a new phone and was very busy and not looking for native orchids very much and also faded out some. During that time of moving here and there lots of orchids died for...
  12. cnycharles

    Paph stonei one year from sheath to spike

    … that’s patience!
  13. cnycharles

    They're coming.... my first flask.

    Where did you find the clear compots/domes? Some have been trying to find some
  14. cnycharles

    Deep Cut Orchid Show (2/18 - 2/20) Canceled (NJ)

    Sorry to hear. This version seems overall to be milder than previous ones according to those passing along info. Our pastor and his wife recently had strong colds, traveled to a conference. One has mild symptoms and tested positive, the other positive but almost no symptoms. They both said the...
  15. cnycharles

    My Wife Calls this my ‘Man Cave’

    :) many years ago in my apt I got carried away with humidifying and the couch and chair my landlord had given me started molding So a good sign that the plants will like the humidity, will be your couch getting fuzzy :D
  16. cnycharles

    Brassavola nodosa, nodosa var grandiflora, brassavola grandiflora?

    There is some question about what’s the right name for this orchid? It was sold as Brassavola nodosa ‘Mas Mejor’ AM/AOS. Many plants sold as nodosa have pencil-like cylindrical leaves. There are pictures of orchids with the name nodosa ‘mas mejor’ on the internet and I’ve seen the same name used...
  17. cnycharles

    B nodosa ‘mas major’ buds

    you’ve heard of Christmas cactus, well this is going to be the New Years orchid! It’s peeking, and will open tomorrow on New Year’s Day Cheers everyone 🎉🎉🥳🥳👍🙏☝️✌🏻
  18. cnycharles

    NOID cymbidium

    There are mountains in Georgia :)