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  1. SlipperKing

    Paphiopedilum bellatulum 'SVO x Paphiopedilum Johanna Burkhart 'SVO'

    You must have beginner's luck! Freak'in nice.
  2. SlipperKing

    QF Black Beauty, or is it?

    I would have to see more of this cross to give a strong option. It is hard to except it as one shot of roth and two of adductum/anitum.
  3. SlipperKing

    A few in bloom

    I love these TH thermostats for cooling and this old Trane has been working for 15+ years controlling heat. I'm sure its very rusty
  4. SlipperKing

    Paph Season 2022

    What's the cross of the Black Beauty Tony?
  5. SlipperKing

    Paphiopedilum Angel Hair x Mount Toro

    It definitely has a sandie shaped pouch
  6. SlipperKing

    Paphiopedilum papuanum album🥴

    Nice rip off. Damn!
  7. SlipperKing

    Paphiopedilum delenatii fma. vinicolor (dunkel)

    Very nice. The pink speckling on the petals is pretty cool too. I'm happy to see the dorsal is staying relatively flat as it ages too.
  8. SlipperKing

    Paph Gary Romaga

    That is a beauty David. The St Swithin parent must of been a strong yellow clone and the results amplified. Curious, is the 'Sunnybank' clone a yellow?
  9. SlipperKing

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    Very flat as well
  10. SlipperKing

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    My version of MDC
  11. SlipperKing

    Paph Kemp Tower 'Aubrey' AM

    Thanks Rudolf! LOL
  12. SlipperKing

    Paph wardii

    Nice wardii
  13. SlipperKing


    I always love this species. Yours has a prefect staminode!
  14. SlipperKing

    Ho Chi Minh

    Paph delenatii vini used as a parent?
  15. SlipperKing

    Paph richardianum The Best

    Update pic
  16. SlipperKing

    Paph. Paul Parks Junior

    Looks overall more sandie with the tall slender dorsal. The narrow pouch could be anitum influence. Even praestans gives narrow pouches
  17. SlipperKing

    Paphiopedilum tigrinum

    I agree. Very well done
  18. SlipperKing

    P. wardii and P. glanduliferum var. praestans - 1st time bloomer

    Yep, stuff happens. I was looking forward to see what we really have. It will probably be another 2 years at this point.
  19. SlipperKing

    Paph Kemp Tower 'Aubrey' AM

    Named after my oldest daughter. Awarded in 2014 and I'm not sure if it had 3 or 4 flowers at the time. PEOY x philippinense The wife took over my photography studio So I had to make do with the garage door in the up position!