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    Multi-floral season 2022 - bud watching and exciting

    It is the first blooming season in my new green house, many plants in spike now, including lowii flava, Chu Hua Dancer, few laevigatums, Mount Toro album, Saint Swithin “in charm”, adductum, Yang -ji Diamond “Tristar” “FCC/AOS”, Yang ji Halk, and more… Let’s bud watching!
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    Paph. praestans - first multi floral blooming in my new place

    I bought it from my Indonesian friend 3-4 years ago in flower, as I like the relatively horizontal petal stance for it. It is very difficult for growing and grows slowly and finally blooms before me. It is the first multi floral paphs blooming in my green house so I treat it as a small test of...
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    My new green house in use finally

    After several months of construction and problem solving, my green house has finally been in used since August. My plants show happiness on moving into my new place with even more robust growing magnitude. I am happy to share some photos taken today to all of you.
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    ID please

    I bought it from my Indonesia friend few years ago as richardianum but I am obviously “cheated” by my friend. It doesn’t like a lowii or its variation lyanne. Anyone can tell me the ID of this multi floral species? Thank you in advance.
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    Paph. intaniae

    I have been growing it for about 5 years and it is the third time bloom before me. The spike is more than 1 meter and produces 5 cute flowers for me this time. Enjoy.
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    Paph. randsii

    Thanks for my friend for providing fresh plant for my trying. Finally success in blooming a randsii after 2 years of my caring.
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    Paph. stonei blooming

    Some of these are in impressive quality. Enjoy!
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    Ordinary haynaldianum or its variation laurae?

    I had bought this from Mainshow Orchid in Taiwan last year and the seller told me that this seedling comes from a selfing of wild plant many years ago. It does not look like an ordinary haynaldianum but a bit like it’s variation laurae. Can any expert give me enlightenment on it?
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    Paph. Saint Swithin “莊苑”

    This is one of the famous old Saint Swithin clones from Taiwan. It produces 3 spikes with a total of 17 flowers this year. Enjoy.
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    My paph. ooii growing for 4 years

    I had a chance to get a few ooii from Indonesia 4 years ago. Unfortunately, all plants were in critical condition when they come to me. After extra caring for 4 years, I recently begin to repot them and I am pleased to see some new roots on the plant. The old growth only has 1 leaf left while...
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    Paph. laevigatum ‘in-charm’

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    Paph. rothschildianum (2010)

    It is a preserved clone from one of the breeders of 2010. Bought it 5 years ago and the DS is 6 cm and NS is 31 cm. It is a very nice clone for self entertaining!
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    laevigatum or palawanensis

    Can any expert tell me which of the variation does this philippinese belongs to? I cannot distinguish a palawanensis since I have never seen one before. Thank you.
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    Will anyone grow paph in such a strong light?

    I am going to change the growing strategies for my multiflorals paph this year and use strong lights to grow some of the multi floral paph. For gigantifolium, supardii, sanderianum and their hybrids, low light is still used. I think in particular for Philippinese, roths, kolopakingii and...
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    Some sequential blooming paphs

    There are glaucophyllum, chamberlanianum (both from the nature and seedling), moquetteanum from the nature (the flower looks different from seedling plants we see in the market), victoria mariae and dodyanum. Enjoy!
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    Paph. Mount Toro album

    This is not the right time for its blooming. The weather is too hot causing fewer flower count, smaller flower and lighter in color.
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    Paph. stonei “Prince” x “Queen”

    One of the best sibling cross in the market. This one is not the best but with exotic coloration. Enjoy!
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    Paph. Saint Swithin “莊苑”

    It is the first time for me to bloom it with 6 flowers. I do not know how to translate the clone’s name into English but it comes from the same series of the clone ‘Spring Swallow’. Both are still high grade SS in the market. Enjoy!
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    Paph. laevigatum “in charm”

    This is a division of the captioned clone from in charm orchid nursery in Taiwan. This clone can produce up to 5 flowers per spike under the owner’s culture but I can only do 3 this year. Lots of improvement on my culture skills are expected.
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    Old school rothschildianum

    An old school roths. The flower count, color and shape is nice but the size of it is doing a dead bowl on its cultural value. The roths in Taiwan is improving too fast in recent years, that making those old school roths fades out rapidly. Anyway, for sharing please.