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    Phragmipedium (Emelia Arias x Waunakee Sunset)

    So a few years ago I made this cross and it only returned 2 plants from the pod. They grew quickly and one flowered recently. The temperatures have been above 90 for the last several months so the color saturation is not as deep as it could be. Overall the symmetry is very good as is the shape...
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    Phrag Grande 'Long Legs' HCC/AOS

    Newly Awarded with 61cm petal length Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Paph Captivatigly Wood 'Memoria Dr. David Amler' HCC/AOS

    14 cm Natural Spread Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Phrag Manzur la Aldea (manzurii x besseae var flavum)

    First bloom from flask Phrag Manzur la Aldea (manzurii x besseae var flavum) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please help...need plant ID.

    Hi everyone. Today I was at the Atlanta AOS judging center and a plant came in labeled as pie feel Paphiopedilum Michael Koopowitz but it didn't have the petal length amongst other things. Can anyone help me identify the picture. The flowers were quite beautiful. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Paph micranthum

    This is my first time blooming this plant.
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    A great Christmas Present

    Merry Christmas Everyone & Happy New Year. This was a present four years in the making (from flask). The four similar flowers are Paph Tokyo Lovely Knight; all blooming for the first time.
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    Phrag Silver Eagle

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    Phrag Barbara LeAnn 'Virginia Anne' AM AOS

    This is a particularly good blooming.
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    Neo falcata - a few hundred flowers

    This is Neo falcata 'Virginia Anne' CCM/AOS. I have had her for nine years and watched her grow from 2 small growths into this. This will be its best flowering yet with over 300 flowers.
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    Paph stonei x gigantifolium just named Memoria Joe Levy

    This was awarded yesterday both an AM & an AD. The species gigantifolium has import issues but the awards were granted so we will wait and see... A friends plant... Breathtaking.
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    Phrag Glen Decker (Jason Fischer x kovachii)

    Just starting to open. It is the first one from the flask to bloom. If patience is a virtue then I am a sinner with no hope of redemption.
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    Phrag Fritz Schomburg

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    Phrag kovachii x Prissy

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    Phrag besseae var flavum 'Golden Goose'

    Phrag besseae var flavum 'Golden Goose' 2nd blooming natural spread of 8.4cm I hope it will lay golden eggs
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    Phrag besseae var. flavum no longer...

    Hi So today I took my phrag besseae var. flavum in for judging (& I'm thrilled to have received an award) but much to my surprise the flavum variety is no longer accepted. The new variety for yellow besseaes is 'besseae var. besseae'. News to me. Any way the clone 'William James' received a...
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    Paph In-Charm Lovely 'Citron Moonbeam'

    15cm NS. 10cm dorsal sepal width.