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    Paph. wardii

    This bloom is on a single fan. Looks heavily marked in black, when not in direct sunlight. Previous bloomed, select plant that originated from the OrchidZone. Acquired just before they ceased operations. Arrived with infestation that set it back. Not a fast grower for me, but on the road to...
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    Paph. wardii

    Bloomed a few months ago, finally getting around to posting here. ('Gigantor' x wardii v alba 'Majestic') Photographed in natural, direct sunlight.
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    Rest in Peace - Mrs. Norton

    Understandably, HP is heartbroken. Daughters are staying with him.
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    Rest in Peace - Mrs. Norton

    Note received from Carol. Mrs. Norton passed away Feb 26. Rest in peace dear friend.
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    Phrag Barbara LeAnn

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    Paph Berenice 'Hoss' - pale form

    First time blooming. Purchased from Orchid Inn several years ago.
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    Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens

    Yes, in the ground for several years now.
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    Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens

    My backyard clump returning after last years drought. Opened for more than a week, so flowers showing some age.
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    Two besseae

    Very pleased with how the flowers have improved on these as the plants have matured. The first, purchased as an unbloomed seedling, is from the OZ cross of 'Round Robin' x 'Blood Diamond' (NS 7.5cm). The second was grown from a flask acquired from HP many moons ago (NS 8.5cm).
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    Paph Magical Venus

    Select division purchased last year from Tom (Fox Valley). Paph venustum x Macabre Magic. NS 12cm. Color break on this flowering but a reliable grower and bloomer for me.
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    Cattleya coccinea 'Johnny B'

    In natural sunlight.
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    It's been open about 10 days. First blooming. I like the dorsal and petal angles and overall color. The position of the pouch ... not so much. Hanging on to it to see how next year's bloom turn out.
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    Lynn Evans-Goldner x Pink Panther

    Dented pouch on this flower. Hopefully better on the next. Petal width is 1 inch.
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    ('Jumbo' x 'Bengal Tiger')
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    Wardii trio

    Listed here:
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    Wardii trio

    All of these are first bloom seedlings of Paph wardii v. album ('Marble Wings' x 'Green Delight'). These great looking seedlings were purchased from Littlefrog's July listing. Each initiated spikes about three weeks after arriving. Thanks Littlefrog.
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    Doll's Kobold

    First time blooming.
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    Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens 2015

    Flowers have fully opened. Updated photos from today.
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    Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens 2015

    Native soil top dressed with composted leaves.