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    Paph wardii

    A nice coloured flower. It's blooming for the second time on an early and few leaves vegetation.
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    Paph bellatulum??

    I bought this as Paph bellatulum but would like to hear what do you guys think It Is. Potted in pure sfagnum with a pinch of dolomitic gravel on top. It's a nice plant with attractive mottled foliage and grows well.
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    White Christmas Cattleya

    From top to bottom: C. Pastoral 'Innocence' C. 'Old Sierra' C. Pastoral 'Innocence' C. " " ( without purle dot in the lip, unfortunately It dropped down from the bench)...
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    Cat. trianae 'sangre de toro'

    A lovely old friend.
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    Cattleya percivalliana ' Paolo'

    This one comes from Venezuela. The pseudobulbs are quite smaller than other normal size C. percivalliana.
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    Cattleya leopoldii var. albina ???

    Is that the right name? Leslie, what your thoughts are about It?
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    Cattleya guttata ' padre Vitor'

    Another much loved oldish species from mine collection.
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    Mistery dendrobium

    Hi guys, has anyone of you ever seen this nice dendrobium before? May you help me to identify It? I had been given a small keiky in south- Vietnam(Mekong delta area) in 2019 and last months after 2 years of immobility a new shoot emerged.
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    Warm mat culture

    Hello all, I decided to give a try to this cultural method to give my warm growing paph a better environment as my night low in the GH Is not exceeding 14/15*C. To keep things on a budget I did use what was already in my hands: - 1 large plastic saucer ( 40' x 20' =1mt.x0,50 mt) -10mt.(=11...
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    Paph. venustum album (Popow)

    Being a lover of Paph. venustum I'm glad to share with you some pictures of this nice represention of the album form. It's a honor and pride for me as It comes from Popow, a man who dedicated his life to the plants we all love. So sad he passed away. Paph. venustum has It all! Beatiful snake...
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    Paph Rosetti Goliath

    I like green/White paph. This one at its first flowering.
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    Cattleya Maxima var. orlata

    This rewarding brazilian variety of Cat. Maxima grows with high pseudobulbs and erected leaves. It's a very strong plant and like all maxima Is resistant to most deseases. I decided to grow It on a piece of cork 'natural style' It Is a bit starved as last months I didn't fertilize that much. It...
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    Cattleya...First love.

    Hello orchid lovers, I wondered what was for you the spark which pushed you to starting an orchid collection? For me no doubt a giant strongly sweet smelling dark magenta coloured Cattleya!!! When I entered that GH, many years ago,and saw that heavenly beauty which hit most of mine senses, I...
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    Some pictures

    Hello all, I'm pleased to show you some paph. from my collection...
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    Another one from Italy

    Hi all, what a pleasure to join this community! I'm LO69 and been growing our loved ladies for the past 40 years. I live in Sanremo a beautiful Little Town in the north-west part of Italy with very mild mediterranean weather. I grow into a self built Green House about 30 Square Meter. In the...