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    How is this seller getting away with this?
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    Now on sale at Sears

    For those of you who are needing to add new lighting, Sears is having an on-line sale. Hydro-farm 2 bulb 4ft. light system with chain for easy up and down on it's own stand. Normally $67- but right now $7- off. Which actually pays for s/h but you will still have your state sales tax added...
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    Micro-nutrient spray on QVC

    Did anyone see the micro-nutrient spray they were selling on QVC. It is supposedly designed for all plants indoors and out. Can be used daily with no harm to plant but they recommend once a week is all that is really needed, I believe. They kept showing enlarged photos of all the plants it had...
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    Throwing my paph. a lifeline

    As I was watering today I noticed one of my paphs that has been in hydroton for quite sometime was loose in its pot. I decided to take a bunch of the hydroton out to find the problem. A large portion of the root system had rotted off leaving me with just two approx. 1 3/4" and the...
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    Seeking information

    Do any of you east coast people know if Aries Orchids is still operating as a retail business. I sent and email and have heard nothing as of yet. Their website is still up on Orchidmall and the home page says they have had health problems and may take awhile. Also, they are unable to keep the...
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    Blooming Ho Chi Minh

    I would like to ask everybody that grows and bloomed Ho Chi Minhs, what the average length of time their blooms have lasted. Mine just opened this past week and I came home tonight to find the edging of the bloom starting to brown. In total I got (maybe) 5 full days.:( It is a first blooming...
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    All Neo enabler's

    My many thanks to all neo collectors on this forum. Because of you I now own my first 'Shotennou'. I was introduced to it last night at our society meeting. After having seen a picture of it on this site I knew I was bound to have an 'orchid purchase relapse'(OPR Syndrone). I know that one of...
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    Sterilization formulas

    I am looking for any sterilization formulas for growing medias (i.e. Hydroton, lecca, pumice, Aliflor, or Primeagra). I'm new to using it for s/h and unsure whether just soaking with Physan 20 is enough or if you need to bake it for an extended period after it dries from the soaking. Any...
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    7,000 orchids being sold

    Hello all...just wanted to let those of you who live in the midwest know about a sale this weekend. ViCli's of Kansas City is having a total sell out this weekend. Vivian Walters, wife of the late AOS judge Cliff Walters, and the "Vi" in Orchids by ViCli, passed away recently. She and Cliff...
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    Need info. for Phrag. Olaf Gruss-flavum

    I am looking for any info. for Phrag. Olaf Gruss-flavum. Do any of the phrag growers on this forum have anything to share about this particular plant. I have read where it is supposedly the smallest of all phrags.(?) Anything you feel noteworthy would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Has anyone read "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsovler? (a novel) It's set in the Appalachian Mts. I just started it and by page 20 she has the two main characters rolling in the ladyslippers (if you know what I mean). Their discussion is about who would name them ladyslipper when they...