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  1. Michael Bonda

    Multi-floral season 2022 - bud watching and exciting

    Very excited to see your Chu Hua Dancer in flower. One me if my favorites and mine have not bloomed in years…..still looking for another BS plant
  2. Michael Bonda

    Paph stonei one year from sheath to spike

    This stonei plant started a sheath almost one year ago. I have been carefully pulling the outer leaves off periodically to prevent bacterial rot (happens for me in Florida periodically to sheaths/spikes on my slippers and Watts) and finally a spike is emerging
  3. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Mem Dick Clements

    Very very nice
  4. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Profe

    I made an error with this post before completing. I posted the same plant last year when it had multiple spikes
  5. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Professor Bream

    Correction Professor Braem
  6. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Professor Bream

  7. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Profe

  8. Michael Bonda

    Paph. Paul Parks Junior

    Sometimes the grower I purchased this plant from has mislabeled plants. Until I get one to bloom I can’t always be assured the plant I purchased is the one the label indicated. I have a Paph. Paul Parks and it looks similar but with longer petals and a larger leaf span.
  9. Michael Bonda

    Peloric Phrag Green Hornet

    I am cross eyed so it looks normal to me. Jk I like the anomalies. Weird but fascinating
  10. Michael Bonda

    Phragmipedium Stenophyllum

    Great color and shape. A favorite of mine. Congrats
  11. Michael Bonda

    Paph. Paul Parks Junior

    Paph Paul Parks (sanderanium x adductum) x P. praestans 2 spikes 5 flowers. Was hoping for longer petals but a compact plant. Color is at least dark.
  12. Michael Bonda

    Wossner China Moon

    Beautiful flowers and plant. Congrats
  13. Michael Bonda

    Tara #3 x kovachii 'Jewel'

    Intense color and great shape. Congrats.
  14. Michael Bonda

    Paph parishii

    Spectacular. One if my favorite Paph species as well.
  15. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Nicole Tower x wallisii

    It looks like an original tag from Hawaii source but the orchid greenhouse vendor (seller in Florida) has no additional information.
  16. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Nicole Tower x wallisii

    Updated photo of mature flower :
  17. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Nicole Tower x wallisii

    I think I agree. It would not be the first time I have a Phrag from this local Florida nursery that has a plant mislabeled. I think I see Kovachii in this flower.
  18. Michael Bonda

    Phrag Nicole Tower x wallisii

    I am not sure if this cross has a registered name. The petals are continuing to elongate and twist daily. I like the size, darker pink and wide form yet not as nicely shaped as the larger pouch, lighter pink and more twisted petals of Schroderae
  19. Michael Bonda

    Phrag QF Pohu

    Peruflora’s Spirit x wallisii I have a few of these and none when in bloom look identical. Phrag. Schroderae is my favorite Phrag slipper and this is a look-a-like IMO although my Phrag Frank Smith can look similar but twice the size bloom.
  20. Michael Bonda

    Phrag. Taras

    pearcei x boissierianum The boiss seems to make a large growth plant like my species plant