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  1. Heather


    So what’s the latest and greatest fertilizer people are using as just a basic go to? Is MSU even still around? Just repotted and I am thinking I should really care to put a little more effort into these
  2. Heather

    Baker's Dozen!

    Happy 13th Birthday to us all here at Slippertalk! Thanks to all the members for sticking around through the changes this year. I'm so excited to see us continuing on into the future!
  3. Heather

    Neat Chart from Ecuagenera

    Thought this might be useful or interesting to some here. From Ecuagenera.
  4. Heather

    Orchid Grower News

    Just in case anyone missed it, I read on Facebook that Tom Nasser and HP Norton’s wife (Katherine?) both passed away recently. :(
  5. Heather

    Changes Afoot!

    As I am sure you are aware, I have been looking for longevity option for the forum for some time now. I received an offer from Group Builder/Cultured Media and have accepted it this week. They reached out to me first back in 2017, but I just wasn’t sure at the time. However, after doing a lot...
  6. Heather

    Maintenance Tonight

    In case you have any issues tonight, it is because they are doing some maintenance for us on the server end. Should only be a half hour or so; check back soon!
  7. Heather

    Sad News - Dr. Glenn Lehr of New World Orchids

    Just sharing some sad news in the Neo/Japanese Orchid world. This was posted on FB by Kristen Uthus, who took over for Glenn at NWO a few years ago: Dr. Glenn C. Lehr passed away yesterday after a long struggle with a chronic illness. He will be remembered always for his buoyant spirit, his...
  8. Heather

    Welcome to Fred Clarke and Sunset Valley Orchids!

    Fred reached out this week and expressed interest in a vendor forum here at Slippertalk. Welcome! Here's a little more information on Sunset Valley Orchids. Fred Clarke started Sunset Valley Orchids in 1995 as a natural outgrowth of a hobby that began 27 years earlier. Sunset Valley...
  9. Heather

    Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all a happy, healthy, plant-filled 2018!
  10. Heather

    Forum Management Going Forward

    So, I am officially looking for someone here (first) who would be interested in taking over management/ownership of the forum. We are paid up through next August so we don't HAVE to have an auction as we have had in the past to keep us going past May. I would be willing to run one again this...
  11. Heather

    In Charm orchids is coming to Tamiami show in FL next January

    Naoki sent me the plant list to share: Clicking the link will send it to your computer as an excel doc.
  12. Heather

    Need a Cym for a gift - any vendor suggestions?

    Hey all - My sister wants a big green Cymbidium. Of course she also wants it fragrant, so maybe something with ensifolium or goeringii in the background. Anyone know any hybrids I should look for and where? Thanks!
  13. Heather

    Sad News About a Dear Member

    Morning everyone. I'm very sad to report that I just learned on Facebook that our dear friend LIJane has just entered hospice due to an illness she was recently diagnosed with. In my FB message to her son Mike, I let him know that we had members who were close and may be able to offer...
  14. Heather

    Nepenthes Update

    So, perhaps you remember my leggy nepenthes that I cut back last winter. I cannot believe it made it through, but here it is! This is the second round of new pitchers forming since I cut it back. It's back outside now (thank goodness) and has been since probably March. I spray it (with TAP!)...
  15. Heather

    Happy Birthday Slippertalk!

    We're a decade old today! Crazy!!! :crazy:
  16. Heather

    Welcome to Jamie! (aka Jtrmd)

    Here are the links to Jamie's sites. For some reason it doesn't like the text you sent me - maybe you can add it in as a reply Jamie?
  17. Heather

    Sacramento Show

    Anyone go yesterday or going today? I'm going to head down there in a bit...feeling like doing a little shopping, maybe!
  18. Heather

    Nepenthes Help Needed

    So, I have a Nepenthes sanguinea that I've managed to barely keep alive this winter in the house. The old, very long growth is no longer putting out pitchers and looks pretty wretched. There are two baby growths with pitchers underneath it in the basket. Can I cut the old growth off or will it...
  19. Heather

    Welcome to our newest vendor: The Tiny Jungle (aka Chris Mende)!

    Welcome Chris and team! So glad you decided to finally come on board and have a vendor forum here with us! :) (Do please make sure you take a look here if you have not already: just so you are aware.)
  20. Heather

    Ignore Lists

    Hey all, just an FYI. If there is any forum member that you want to ignore you can go to the User CP in the upper left corner of the menu bar and scroll down the left sidebar to "buddy/ignore list". From there you just need to add the person's username to your ignore list and you will no longer...