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  1. chrismende

    Paph Susan Booth 'Paracombe' FCC/AOC

    Fantastic result! The plant is clearly very very happy! What a stunner!
  2. chrismende

    Paphiopedilum villosum forma aureum 'Piping Rock' AM/AOS

    Congratulations on the award. Leslie!
  3. chrismende

    Paphiopedilum Paolo Uccello

    Pretty cool results! How big are these flowers?
  4. chrismende

    My first orchid book- #throwbackslippers

    Sweet memory!
  5. chrismende

    Need lead to Hawk Hill orchids

    Bob, pm me for info re Bob Hamilton and John Leathers
  6. chrismende

    Who is Tony Wells?

    Hey slippertalkers, I have just come back after a long hiatus to check in here. I have been very busy getting my business started for the past 5 years or so - The Tiny Jungle and Let’s Talk Plants on eBay. By now we also have a website at It’s all a bit confusing. Tony Wells...
  7. chrismende

    Paph Liberty Taiwan ‘Wolf Moon’ HCC/AOS

    I think I need to get a flask of these! It's really lovely
  8. chrismende

    Our newest addition

    Lucky family!
  9. chrismende

    Paph phillipinense var roebellinii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Fantastic plant and growing!
  10. chrismende

    Any masdavallia orchid growers out there (USA)

    I have a fair group of Masdevallias but none currently for sale. If you can wait a couple years until I build up stock, I will be selling.
  11. chrismende

    Any masdavallia orchid growers out there (USA)

    Darrin at Mountain Orchids in Vermont also has a few.
  12. chrismende

    Paph fowliei f. album

    I'm wondering if anyone has any of these little guys? I have made an outcross and a selfing with my three plants (two from Woodstream and the third from another source that I can't recall). The best ones of my three, and of the few pictures I've seen, are utterly delightful, to me, and the poor...
  13. chrismende

    Paphiopedilum wilhelminae 'Ibn's Magic Touch' FCC/AOS

    That P. wilhelminae is truly magnificent! The culture is also magnificent! Way to go, Sam Tsui, for the breeding, to Eggshells for it's early culture, and to you for bringing it all the way to a much deserved FCC!
  14. chrismende

    The Orchid Digest- Vol. 82-4

    Tom, I completely agree! This issue is amazing! I had no idea so many new species were now described! Very exciting. All the articles are excellent, and the photos and descriptions of identifying features are very well done. Overall, an outstanding addition to the world of Paphiopedilum.
  15. chrismende

    Paph. Wössner Wolke

  16. chrismende

    Mexipedium xerophyticum 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS

    I have a plant from Howard Gunn's collection. Is that one the Oaxaca strain?
  17. chrismende

    Mexipedium xerophyticum 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS

    Are there really only two strains in common trade? Oaxaca and Windy Hill?
  18. chrismende

    Hello from California

    Hi Paul! Have we met elsewhere? I'm in San Francisco. Welcome back to Slippers!
  19. chrismende

    Mexi germination.

    yippee! Has anyone selfed the clone that Howard Gunn collected? or bred the two strains?