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  1. John M

    Paph dayanum

    Really beautiful!
  2. John M

    Lady Isabel

    LOVE this hybrid. A treat to see this!
  3. John M


    That's not Sedenii. It's Cardinale.....a beautiful clone! Also, if you won't ship internationally, how about telling us which country you are in?
  4. John M

    Our newest addition

    What a great photo. They do look like they're hatching a plan! Love 'em!
  5. John M

    Our newest addition

    Oh wow! Your family is growing! He's gorgeous....I love his bull's eye markings. What a handsome boy! .....And a lucky boy! Now that he's with you, he's set for life. Congratulations!
  6. John M

    Paphiopedilum insigne - or exul?

    Agreed. Paph. insigne
  7. John M

    Paph spicerianum

    As well as double blooms, tghat's a lovely, hefty flower, Wendy. I keeper for sure!
  8. John M

    Some of my plants in bloom

    You sure are a super Paph grower! Bravo! Now....gimme, gimme, gimme! LOL!
  9. John M

    Phragmipedium besseae

    That is spectacular! You've bloomed it to it's full potential. Congratulations!.....Well done!
  10. John M

    Paph phillipinense var roebellinii 'Coco' AM/AOC

    Super! Congratulations!
  11. John M

    Paph. purpuratum ('Thunderbird' x Plum Red') x self

    Wow...that is a really, really nice one!
  12. John M

    Paph. Cimabue - a dwarf novelty

    That is beautiful....congratulations!
  13. John M

    Paph Susan Booth 'Paracombe' FCC/AOC

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Congratulations David!!!!
  14. John M

    Does Chuck Acker Orchids Only Sell Phragmipediums?

    Chuck sold all his Paphs. He only sells Phrag flasks now. He sometimes has divisions available; but, he hasn't listed any for some time.
  15. John M

    Paph haynaldianum

    The first one is great! Congratulations!
  16. John M

    Paph phillipinense

    That is STUNNING! Great colour and I love the more horizontal petal stance. A real keeper clone, for sure!
  17. John M

    Phrag. schlimii 'Cali'

    I like it!
  18. John M

    Paph. helenae

    LOVE this species! Very nice!
  19. John M

    Paph. wardii

    Ooooh, I like that!
  20. John M

    Paph. Rosy Dawn