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    Tokyo Dome Gold Medal

    Lame. There are better complex out there. The good point is that their price won't skyrocket.
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    Miscellaneous stuff

    I see. I've just discovered this thread and instantly recognized thrips symptoms in the very first pic you posted in 2008: Too bad we don't have a decent pest and disease forum section specific to paph (i.e not the rehashed all-purpose S.Bottom pics) with sumed-up symptoms, attempted cures...
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    paph. fairrieanum

    It is nice but there are far better flowers out there.
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    paph. fairrieanum

    The last two. A few days ago: Now:
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    Paph. Lunacy

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    Paphiopedilum Gege Hughes

    do you know which clone it is ?
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    Is anytime a good time to re-pot paphs?

    I second this. I've found that, under my conditions, disturbing a plant in low bud / sheath never ends well, though.
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    Yellow Spots And Drooping, Dying Paph Collection

    Honestly, if I were you I'd send everything to the dustbin. Start over and try not make the same mistake(s) twice: * overpotted * underwatered * mix is too coarse for indoor growing * I guess would have low humidity also As an indoor grower, my advice to you would be to grow in a more...
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    Check that out

    Nice pics
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    Ho Chi Minh alba bud progression

    I bought this as a single-growth plant two years ago. When it first flowered I wondered whether it was a very good delenatii alba. Given that most delenatii alba I have seen are crap, I believe this is the real deal. The new growth took roughly a year to mature.
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    javanicum x parnatanum paranatanum x sib worked too.
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    Paph. tranlienianum

    That was a few days ago. Three flowers, all different. One has a large, upward dorsal. I'll try Jakub Szlachetko (x fairrieanum). I believe I saw a cultivar from the originator (posted the pic here a while ago) and it was fine.
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    Paph. bellatulum

    Yes indeed. This is the best out of the three I've bloomed in the past three years, so I went ahead.
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    A new compact novelty

    Marvelous! If ever you have one for sale...
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    paph. venustum

    It has extremely wide petals. Mealies fed on it and sc**d the dorsal.
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    Paph. fairrieanum gone wild

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    Darned false spider mites... *grumbles*

    I went that way before ... Now I do use pesticide to kill each and every one of them.
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    paph. fairrieanum

    First fairrieanum begin to open. I got this one in low bud. It's not very good. Once I find a nice one I'll cross with best H. Ballantine I have (not the one bellow, but you get the idea). The outcome may be surprising.