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    unread messages

    I cannot read my unread messages as of the last few days. I click on the link and it says that the data is unavailable.
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    Phrag longifolium albino

    as promised, this was a seedling from Tom Kalina from his selfing:
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    New Award

    This was just awarded last saturday. It is an unregistered cross of Paph Jolly Master x After Dark. HCC/AOS 78 pts. It has a nice long stem from Paph mastersianum along with a very flat dorsal sepal (7.7 cm wide) and wide petals (2.9 cm wide)
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    Drorchid article on Phrag caudatum group

    I just received the Slipper Orchid Alliance newsletter and inside is a great article on the taxonomy of this section that is very confused. Robert's artful solution seems to take care of the taxonomy and the horticultural registrations in a logical manner. If only others might find this a...
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    Phrag Haley Decker

    Haley Decker is kovachii x Saint Ouen This is a massive flower, over 12 cm across with petals approaching 6 cm wide. It's a first bloom seedling and should improve in the future....
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    Hybridizing besseae and besseae hybrids

    I need a bit of advice from those that have successfully bred these Phrag hybrids. What is the success rate for 1) the cross to take and 2) produce viable seed? I have attempted several crosses with no success and am wondering if I just need to be more patient and keep trying or if this just...