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    Paph. Magic Lantern

    Lovely! So round.
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    Paphiopedilum micranthum var eburneum

    LS is 19 cm, but only a single rosette. But yas, it is a first flowering seedling. Not a division.
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    Paphiopedilum micranthum var eburneum

    Finally this plant flowers. Such a slow grower, and the flower took ages to develop. I grow this intermedium, undet lights. In a cabinet with daily misting. This is the first time the plant flowers. Bought from a vendor in Germany, probably Popow. The flower is a bit pale for an eburneum, right?
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    Paph. rothschildianum 'Strider'

    Superb!! Skickat från min VTR-L29 via Tapatalk
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    Mount Low 'Regina' AM/CCM/AOS

    Great plant and flowering!
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    Paph lowii

    Excellent! Lowii is such a great species.
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    Paph Bel Royal

    Fantastic! I love big plants. :-)
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    All phrags that I have in bloom.

    Superb group photo! Look how tall Les Landes is!
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    Mount Low 'Regina' AM/CCM/AOS

    Great plant!
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    Cycnoches Jean E. Monnier

    Wow, impressive!
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    Odontoglossum naevium

    CambriaWhat, I have limited experience with this genus. But from what I have learned, they grow in higher altitudes and need cooler temperatures. And higher humidity. I grow my plant in temps between 17-21 C. A a few degrees lower in winter.
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    Odontoglossum naevium

    Thanks Brabantia, I will do that.
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    Bulbophyllum echinolabium

    Lovely! Skickat från min E5823 via Tapatalk
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    Some blooms

    Great looking plants!
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    Paph Susan Booth 'Highercombe' AM/AOC

    Ohhhh, that is very nice!
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    Den Peng Seng

    Nice flower!
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    Besseae & schlimii family portrait

    Lovely group portrait!!
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    Odontoglossum naevium

    This is the species Odontoglossum naevium, found in the wild in Colombia and Venezuela. This is a seedling that is flowering for the first time. I was surprised it flowered already because it only has 1 previous bulb of reasonable size. The seedling was bought from a vendor in Germany about a...
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    Issues with Cycnoches Leaves

    I have the same issue with my Clowesetum and Fredclarkeara hybrids. I would love to know what those "warts" is.
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    Paph.stonei 'TN-Prince'

    I totally agree!!