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    Paph Lorraine’s Pride - deformed flower

    Nice square shape
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    Rlc Bengle Cat

    I watched too much Brady bunch reruns as a kid. What’s your Bach question?
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    Rlc Bengle Cat

    Yes Groovy- where from?
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Not to us singers… Spoken like a scrabble player…
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    Warm-growing Cypripediums?

    Yes, Sabine is another cyp that does well for me in 7a. Reportedly Sabine alba grows better than the regular one; Ron can you confirm? And when did you move to NC? ;)
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    Cypripedium subtropicum - signs of seedling life

    Hopefully the past growth was concentrated in the roots and not above. Or maybe they are very slow when young? Slugs this year ate some of my phal and jewel orchids, until I put them in hanging baskets. The slugs around DC can get up to 4-5 inches. But no banana slugs.
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    Greetings From Concord, MA

    Sudbury Massachusetts also has/had many notable residents/school graduates (if I can show a little mass-hole pride: Babe Ruth, Chris Evans, and my personal favorite Paula Poundstone):,_Massachusetts
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Yes, this was for last year. But Sam sent a new email sale on Monday: From: Sam Tsui <[email protected]> Date: November 22, 2021 at 10:02:14 AM EST To: Sam Tsui <[email protected]> Subject: BLACK FRIDAY SALE - 📣📣📣 - 1 Happy Holidays! You are receiving this message because you...
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    Warm-growing Cypripediums?

    I’ll further add that I think good drainage is a must for cyps. Also, I think some “ground cover” or other vegetation around the plants helps to keep cyps cool in the summer (trying orchids like spiranthes as companion plants to cyps). I’ve recently started trying formosanum hybrids (e.g...
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    Warm-growing Cypripediums?

    I think Gardens At Post Hill is the best vendor for cyps in the US.
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    Warm-growing Cypripediums?

    I’ve had trouble with kentuckiensis (in pots, should try in ground). But Gisella and formosanum might be a good start. I think I’m half a zone cooler than you. Also Marc Weathington of the JC Raulston Arboretum grows formosanum, and I think you’re both in the same zone?
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    Couple of Phrags

    lovely color on the st ouen
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    Greetings From Concord, MA

    Yah, but Concord have a more notable pond.
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    Greetings From Concord, MA

    Greetings from outside of DC (formerly a long time from Sudbury).
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    Perseus ‘Highclare’

    Has this been crossed with kovachii?
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    Lc. Ports of Paradise ‘Emerald Isle’ FCC/AOS; Rlc. Betty Ford ‘York’

    Yah 84 is a bit warm for bessae or kovachi phargs
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    Bulbophyllum treschii ‘Octopussy’

    How long do the flowers last?
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    Can Orchids absorb nutrients without root tips?

    do you mean "foliar feeding"?