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    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    i am also a fan of the azamax... know that if you treat with the banrot and soap mixture, that is one mode of attack on the mites as well (the soap).... use either as soon as soon as you get them... I've done both drench and spray with the azamax as some mites like living in the mix...
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    Last of the Charlies

    That just looks yummy…
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    Some seedling progress

    nice roots!.... can't wait to see the outcome!
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    Orchid Inn black friday sale

    Vowels are over rated…. :-).
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    Wanted Who’s ordering from Sam’s flask sale?

    Ditto to that if you can afford the space at least wardii isn't kolopokingii... :) growing out a hundred or so of a grex puts you into a great situation.... hate that OZ went south... it was awesome to go there and see a couple hundred of a grex to pick through.... kinda ruins you...
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    Some pictures

    very nice indeed.... we grow a lot of the same things ... your vanda root system(s) imply (to me) that your humidity concerns are not really an issue... i've had to start moving my vandas into clay pots (no medium, just the pot) to keep the roots healthy... mine were also just growing...
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    For Sale Darned those sales....

    Orchidinn Paph paradise Hillsview has a '3 for' complex deal if your into that sort of thing
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    What do you think about this??

    what do the back of those leaves look like?
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    Some pictures

    love them all!... and especially the environment they appear to be growing in... looks very tranquil and natural... love to see more photos of that
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    Creeping Phragmipedium schlimii

    sounds like at least David had come to that same conclusion... :-) necessity is the mother of invention... after watching the moss rot away for years and in some cases the moss drying out to fast... i started down that road...
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    Creeping Phragmipedium schlimii

    :-) when i typed all that out, i thought 'ya know a picture would be helpful here...' but laziness ensued... anyhoo... here are a few examples... you'll see that i not only use the solo cups (typically for small jumpers i don;t want to repot yet) but also inverted plastic pots i've...
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    Creeping Phragmipedium schlimii

    as a practice, i've started creating 'micro pot' extensions for these jumping scenarios when i don't yet want to repot the new growth back into the main part of the mix... after trying a lot of different scenarios - started with the sphagnum like you mentioned, went to a different wrappers on...
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    Pm me your shipping info. It’s likely there is a piece of pierceii long flopping out of the pot.

    Pm me your shipping info. It’s likely there is a piece of pierceii long flopping out of the pot.
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    Phrag. pearcei

    just keep the mix an inch to 1.5 inches below the lip of the pot, and let the pot rim (plus plant tags and whatever else you need) keep the plant inside
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    Phrag. pearcei

    DO IT!!!! :-) can't go wrong.... mine from this post in May still has 2 flowers on it... :-) fine bark and perlite... shallow pot, lots of water
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    Couple of Phrags

    thanx all for the feedback... the plant is small and is a jumper... the thing is this year it has a branch on the spike that is throwing it's second flower... we'll see how it progresses as i get the recent growth tucked back into the pot... (the inflorescence on the right, in the...
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    Couple of Phrags

    since i was poking around.... saw these few things and took some quick snaps... St. Ouen flavum from Bill Goldner (only opened yesterday- pretty sure this is from one of his hobby flasks) Misty Run Sunrise Les Platons
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    Paph. charlesworthii fma. sandowiae

    made me go look and take a couple of snaps... time takes it toll
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    Paph. charlesworthii fma. sandowiae

    while staking this to take to judging, i noticed the pouch had bruised it's time to post as is... :-( (took these photos before the flower had fully expanded-2 weeks ago) f from Sam Paph. charlesworthii fma alba x sib ('White Angels' x 'Perfect Circle' SM/EOC/DOG) (PAS0618)