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  1. monocotman

    Cattleya Bob Betts in full bloom

    Thanks. I did remove two buds to give the others more room!
  2. monocotman

    Cattleya Bob Betts in full bloom

    Thanks! For me, primarily a species grower, there are a few must have hybrids. This is one of them.
  3. monocotman

    Cattleya Bob Betts in full bloom

    So finally we have the main show. The second two leads produced flowers that were slightly smaller (17 cm across) but maybe better shaped than the initial lead. Still it’s an impressive display from this classic clone. It smells wonderful in the morning sun. it’s not so apparent from the...
  4. monocotman

    Phrag. Fritz Schomburg

    That is a lovely clone!
  5. monocotman

    C. purpurata

    Lovely thing and a very favourite species. Its such a good and vigorous grower, David
  6. monocotman

    Disa Kewbett

    Nice thing! For us in temperate UK they are not thought of as difficult! just treat as carnivorous plants like sarracenia. Keep wet and give tiny amounts of feed when in growth. They are almost hardy here. I kept mine outside last winter and just brought it in when sub zero temperatures were...
  7. monocotman

    Cattleya perivaliana s/a Farah Diba

    very very nice!
  8. monocotman

    Cattleya Maxima var. orlata

    Beautiful! I love this species,
  9. monocotman

    Cattleya...First love.

    It was a photo of dendrobium densiflorum in full bloom in a copy of National Geographic when I was about 11. It was over 50 years ago and I am still besotted! David
  10. monocotman

    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    Today I am trying to manipulate the direction that the last three flowers face by moving the plant around as the buds open. They try to face towards the light just as the buds swell and burst. It’s quite easy when you are a windowsill grower and have directional light. This should mean less...
  11. monocotman

    Cattleya labiata coerulea ‘Blue Bells’

    Stunning! Again great colour and form, David
  12. monocotman

    Rlc. Gene Crocker ‘Red Empress’

    Very cute! Great colour and shape, Davis
  13. monocotman

    Laelia perrinii ‘Suwada’

    Lovely thing! David
  14. monocotman

    Cattleya Bob Betts 'Lines' AM/AOS

    Great photo seeing the progression in breeding, David
  15. monocotman

    Cattleya trianae alba ‘Broomhill’

    Love it. Great form and colour! A bit of orchid history, David
  16. monocotman

    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    Thanks Guldal! if only we didn’t have the Brexit issues…
  17. monocotman

    Last of the Charlies

    Wow very beautiful!
  18. monocotman

    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    Leslie, it’s quite a surprise seeing the flowers so much bigger this year. They were closer to six inches last year. This years growths are no bigger than last, a bit of disappointment if I’m honest. So the difference must be the more established root system. Terry, all the catts are grown in...
  19. monocotman

    Cypripedium subtropicum - signs of seedling life

    Very interesting. Good luck at keeping these through the winter.
  20. monocotman

    Paph. fairrieanum ('Gracefully Tall' x self)

    Lovely! I would get in touch with the vendors to tell them of this surprise!