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  1. suss16

    On my way to work...

    A few times a month I encountered this on the way to work. You would figure that they would not have built the road so low 100 years ago to require a kayak to make part of your journey, so something has to be happening. Norfolk, VA continues to make plans to deal with the increased tidal surge -...
  2. suss16

    Phragmipedium besseae var. dalessandroi

    Just picked this up last week from Hadley when he spoke at our OS meeting.
  3. suss16

    Paph spicerianum

    First bloom seedling still in it's 2.25" pot. 'Marriott Quintessenence' x 'Warrior'. 7.2 cm, now three growths.
  4. suss16

    Phal lueddemanniana

  5. suss16

    Phal amboinensis - flava type

  6. suss16

    Paph Psyche 'Krull Smith' x leucochilum 'Krull's King'

    I picked up a couple of these a couple months back when June's Orchid Estate had a sale... Here is the first to bloom... 8.8 cm What do you guys think?
  7. suss16

    Paph Burki

    A little over 11.5 cm... pouch is a real light butter yellow.
  8. suss16

    Phal doweryensis

    This is the newest spike, blooming with 5 flowers. This inflorescence is over 30 cm and the flowers are at least 5.5 cm. The previous spikes from the last two years are starting to show signs of bud formation. This will bloom on and off all spring and summer - I believe I still had a round of...
  9. suss16

    Some Phals...

    Phal (Auspice Neihun x lueddemanniana) 'Joy' Phal hieroglyphica 'ViClii' Phal hieroglyphica 'Tejas Canary' - from Ken Avant Two 'other' hieroglyphica's Phals Lea Marie Salazar (left) and Palace Reef Phals Zuma Meadow 'Harford's Sunrise' and Penang Girl 'Chin yo'
  10. suss16

    Some Phals...

    Phal (Auspice Neihun x lueddemanniana) 'Joy' Phal hieroglyphica 'ViClii' Phal hieroglyphica 'Tejas Canary' - from Ken Avant Two 'other' hieroglyphica's
  11. suss16

    Phal villosum alba

    This is a first bloom small, one growth plant still in a 2" pot. The pouch is a little wonky, better luck next year. Paph villosum v. alba ‘Flat Top' x villosum v. alba ‘Sunfire’ - from Marriott. And a gratuitous pic of my new dog "Lucie"
  12. suss16

    Paph Cam's Cloud

    Saw this at a local OS meeting... is it?
  13. suss16

    Some Phals...

    Charles has posted some really nice Phals lately, figured a few more won't hurt. Phal doweryensis Phal Corona Phal amboinensis Phal sumatrana (zebrine type) Phal sumatrana
  14. suss16

    Cyp acuale

    This is my fourth year with this plant and second blooming. Two growths this year... maybe I will see more next year.
  15. suss16

    Paph druryi

    Paph druryi (Windy Hill x self) - first bloom
  16. suss16

    Paph armeniacum 'Whippoorwill'

  17. suss16

    Paph Small World x Jenna Marie HC1933

    First bloom seedling from Hadley Cash. Picked this up as a two plant compot at the Paph Forum in DC in Feb. 2007. Has anyone else bloomed out any of these?
  18. suss16

    Paph vietnamense

    Second blooming... didn't grow that well this year - had a little difficulty with the transition from under lights to a greenhouse. Almost 9 cm.
  19. suss16

    Paph White Knight 'Guinevere'

    One of my favorites...