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  1. masaccio


    My micranthum is been growing well, getting good light (good enough for the rest of my paphs anyway under LED spots). The winter temp is its growing room has been around 60, sometimes slightly lower. It's been resting and I'm hoping for a spike. The plant is only one fan. Lance Birk and...
  2. masaccio

    Soaking Medium Bark

    I have a couple of paphs that are doing well (as purchased) in medium bark. Even though they need watering every 2-3 days, I'm impressed by the growth and vigor I'm seeing. Since eventually they will need repotting, I've been wondering how long standard medium grade orchid bark should be soaked...
  3. masaccio

    New artificial light arrangement

    I have a long shelf in a spare room (11 feet). I want it to be my "paph garden". The lighting will probably be LED spots. I have a choice: I can either do the track light directly over the plants (which will involve relocating an air conditioning duct), or I can pull the track out about a...
  4. masaccio

    LED T8 Reflectors - Stupid question

    Predictably, I'm confused. Much talk I've heard about LED T8s centers around how easy and great it is to be able to retrofit T8 fluorescent reflectors for LEDs. Fine. I can do that. But (this is the stupid part) do you have to buy a fluorescent fixture and then retrofit it for LED "T8s"...
  5. masaccio

    Paph. Magic Mood 'Waikanae x Joan Thomas 'Gosford'

    I bought this recently at the Deep Cut Show, in tight bud. It seemed to sulk for several days and finally started to open about 5 days ago. I think of it as Paph. "Lucked Out". All we could see from the bud was that it probably would have spots. Noted at the time that it seemed robust with...
  6. masaccio

    Conductivity Calibration Solution

    Looking for fresh calibration solution for my old TDS meter. Found this Ex-Tech stuff on Amazon. The new stuff is 1413uS and my original stuff was 1410uS. Labelled "For KCI standardized meters". It's expensive though ($28 for a couple of pints) and I believe this stuff usually has only a few...
  7. masaccio

    Paph Watering Philosophy

    I feel very insecure about when to water paphs. I understand that they don't want to dry out, but I'm a little phobic about overwatering. I tend to get paphs towards the drier side before I water. Maybe slight dampness, but no detectable wetness on a skewer. Is that right? Thanks!