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  1. tpaphio

    new hybrid

    new hybrid from paphio. rungsuriyanum x paphio. charlesworthii for sale, the plant as the pic. below . the price is 50 USD per 1 plant(this price plus shipping), there are 2 plants in the same 1 pot(the pot is 2.5 inches wide). there are not to much for sale, if you're interested PM me. PS...
  2. tpaphio

    my leuco. alba 2019

  3. tpaphio

    my leuco. alba 2019
  4. tpaphio

    another one of my leuco alba

    now is blooming
  5. tpaphio

    Some of my leuco. is blooming

    still has one bloom.
  6. tpaphio

    Some of my leuco. is blooming

    still has one bloom.
  7. tpaphio

    leuco. alba 1 flask(20plants) available 350Usd plus shipment.
  8. tpaphio

    my best concolor striatum

    I've had it for many years but still have only one growth, one year per single growth!!!
  9. tpaphio

    My leuco. alba no.4

    It's my new first year flower seedling plant, just blooming now.
  10. tpaphio

    My leuco. alba no.3

    Just now blooming and first year flower. Hope it get better when It's more healthy.
  11. tpaphio

    my new leuco. alba

    just open 3-4 days but the overall look OK.
  12. tpaphio

    josianae or con. var. longipetalum

    It's season now....
  13. tpaphio

    My Bella today

    It's leaf is all pure green!!!
  14. tpaphio

    leucochilum and niveum

    leucochilum "Mammoth"
  15. tpaphio

    A bit Rung. for sale

    Hello everyone, I have a bit rungsuriyanum for sale in medium size, the leaf spread is 1.5 inches long. (the normal blooming size is 3 inches long) It is healthy and strong. The price is 125 USD plus shipping. Contact me by Email [email protected] if you have any question.
  16. tpaphio

    Some Bella and...

    Hello everyone, long time I've never posted here but still care my paph. all the time till now. anyway I kept some Pic. of my beautyful paph. to show you too. Let's enjoy its. All of these is my belonging Thanks to see it and do not copy to use for business.
  17. tpaphio

    new blooming niveum!!

    First is belonging to me
  18. tpaphio

    My niveum in April

    Blooming in summer now here, with avg. temp.30-37C .
  19. tpaphio

    my concolor this early year.

    My concolor var striatum with award.
  20. tpaphio

    niveum group

    Come again in white brachy.