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  1. Q

    Paph. sanderianum

    Love it, love it, love it-----want it, want it---------well done and congrats having such a beautiful plant. Ed
  2. Q

    Judge Philip final pic!!

    Just let it do its own thing. Ed
  3. Q

    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii

    Congrats. I like it. Ed
  4. Q

    Judge Philip final pic!!

    upload picture Pity not all facing the same way!! Ed More senior moments we all know this is not a phrag but a paph!!??!!---Sorry!
  5. Q

    dalessandroi time again.

    A tremendously big wow!! Ed
  6. Q

    Phrag richteri x Pink Panther

    Lovely small Phrag. Must look out for one. Ed
  7. Q

    Phrag. Stephen Manza

    I like the shape and the soft tones of the colour. Ed
  8. Q

    Phragmipedium caudatum

    One of my favourite phrags. A beautiful specimen you've grown and it can only get better. Well done. Ed
  9. Q

    The final pic!!

    The spike is 18" tall and the flowers are 4" wide and deep. Thanks everyone for your nice words about this plant---- hopefully it might win something if it gets better next year -- it didn't win this year!!!!!! Ed
  10. Q

    The final pic!!

    I hope so because it has two very nice growths for 2013 Ed
  11. Q

    The final pic!!

    free picture hosting Ed
  12. Q

    update on Nichole Tower

    Final pic in full flower. 7 flowers and two more buds. sorry if I've bored you with this specimen!!! Ed
  13. Q

    New Phrag arrived

    photo hosting Will probably look like this one when it flowers!! Ed
  14. Q

    Phragmipedum pearcei

    My favourite phrag when large and with plenty of blooms. Beautiful. Ed
  15. Q

    update on Nichole Tower

    Just growing it in a mix of medium bark, large perlite and plenty of NZ sphagnum moss. Last year it had 5 flowers the only difference I made was to put it on a 24/7 tapwater drip system. I only feed my phrags with blood and bone which I apply twice per year in November and May and only a...
  16. Q

    update on Nichole Tower

    Holding all these flowers on one spike. Really pleased with this second flowering. Ed
  17. Q

    Paph fairrieanum

    Lucky you Sue, I've had three of these for over 3 years and they have made little or no movement. Just repotted them all in one pot so hope they may make an advance, Looking forward to your bloom. Ed
  18. Q

    Phrag. Judge Philip.

    Thankyou. Nice of you to say so. Ed
  19. Q

    Paphiopedilum Iantha Stage

    Wonderful blooms and beautifully grown. Ed
  20. Q

    Paphiopedilum Little Alexander

    Fantastic. Ed