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    Judge Philip final pic!!

    upload picture Pity not all facing the same way!! Ed More senior moments we all know this is not a phrag but a paph!!??!!---Sorry!
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    The final pic!!

    free picture hosting Ed
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    update on Nichole Tower

    Holding all these flowers on one spike. Really pleased with this second flowering. Ed
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    Phrag. Judge Philip.

    Not quite open but I think it's looking OK. Ed
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    Phragmipedium Grande

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    sangii on a stalk!!

    Are there any explanations as to why this is growing on a stalk? I have had it as a small plant for 4years. During this time growth was ( and still is ) very slow. It is now quite a large plant with a single growth which is in the correct position in the substrate. Never seen this before ----...
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    Paph. philipinense x pinocchio.

    First paph I have flowered in three years. This is a very compact plant that last bloomed almost 4 years ago,so compact I can't count the growths. It has three spikes and I think only bloomed because I gave it extra light with 2 Gro-Lux tubes and 2 T5's Ed
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    Phragmipedium Eric Young

    A very reliable bloomer. The first of 5 buds to open, last year they all opened at the same time. Ed
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    How's this for a pah.???

    Paph Bel Royal ( rothschildianum x philipinense ). Just took this shot at our local show today and this must be one of the largest paphs I've seen. It was bought as a small plant 15years ago and hasn't been re-potted for the past 10 years--- and is on drip irrigation. The gentleman who grew this...
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    What kovachii hybrid?

    Bought this some months ago when the plant was just marked Phrag. Being a nutter for most phrags I couldn't refuse it. It grew three spikes, one of which I cut off when the buds looked not too good. Anyhow this is the first bloom and i would like to know if anyone from over the pond can identify...
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    Phrag. longifolium??

    First flowering of this Phrag but should a longifolium have such a huge petal behind the pouch?-- or is this not longifolium? Ed
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    Phragmipedium grande

    This is,I think, a very good first flowering . The top bloom just opened yesteday so the petals should get considerably longer over the next few days. Hope you like Ed PS.. I snapped the " danglers " of the right hand one when i caught it in the car boot ooops!!!
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    Continual irrigation so far.

    The tap water in my region is very soft and slightly acidic. Since starting the continuous watering ( 24hr ) some 6 weeks ago today I had a look at some of the roots of phragmipediums and paphiopedilums. The compost of which some are in a bark mix and others in NZ sphagnum and is absolutely...
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    Phrag. la Vingtaine.

    Kovachii x Dick Clements. Very pleased with this hybrid. Hope you like Ed
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    For those who wanted to see my phrag/paph watering system it can be found on my previous thread i.e. les varines. Thanks Ed
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    Todays pic of Phrag les Varines.

    Uploaded with Just keeps getting better and bigger. Using the continual irrigation has worked wonders for my Phrags. At the moment I have nine in spike or bloom. Hope you like. Ed
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    Phrag. Olaf Gruss ( pic & question )

    Uploaded with Just wondering if it is unusual for one spike of this hybrid to hold 4 blooms? Ed
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    Phrag kovachii/sargentianum

    [IMG] It just gets bigger and more colourful the older it gets. It came from EYF 12 months ago. Ed
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    phrag les varines

    [URL=] First of the buds has just opened and I am very pleased with this hybrid.The petals measure 5" across x 4" top to bottom. Hope you like as much as I do. Ed
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    Phrag. Paul Eugene Conroy

    Although this was bought some two years ago as Paul Eugene Conroy it looks like a small version of Grande. The only difference I can spot is that in this phrag the petals are green whereas in Grande they are more yellow. Am I right or is this plant not what I thought it was??? Ed