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    Paphiopedilum micranthum var eburneum

    Finally this plant flowers. Such a slow grower, and the flower took ages to develop. I grow this intermedium, undet lights. In a cabinet with daily misting. This is the first time the plant flowers. Bought from a vendor in Germany, probably Popow. The flower is a bit pale for an eburneum, right?
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    Odontoglossum naevium

    This is the species Odontoglossum naevium, found in the wild in Colombia and Venezuela. This is a seedling that is flowering for the first time. I was surprised it flowered already because it only has 1 previous bulb of reasonable size. The seedling was bought from a vendor in Germany about a...
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    Paphiopedilum hainanense

    This is the first time it has flowered. This has been a sloooooooooow grower. I bought it from Orchid Limited in May 2010 as a nice seedling (~15 cm leafspan), and now after 2.5 years the shoot is mature. I think the flower is a bit different than the usual hainanense, with broader, drooping...
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    Paphiopedilum Robinianum

    Flowering now for the first time with five flowers. The plants has two mature fans. The plant came from Orchid Inn and the cross is P. parishii 'Jeanie' AM/AOS x P. lowii 'Exotic Dancer' FCC/AOS. This is my favorite multifloral paph!
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    Paphiopedilum herrmannii

    First flowering of this great little species. I would very much like to get more of these small paphs, for example coccineum and helenae. This one has been quite easy to grow.
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    Clowesetum Pierre Couret

    Some of Fred Clarkes magic! I bought this plant from SVO about a year ago, not really knowing what to expect. Flower colour was said to be variable, from yellowish to dark rose. I am very happy that my plant turned out to have a deep red colour. I love the beard!! Kind of suitable now when we...
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    Paph purpuratum and wardii

    Two species flowering for the first time in my collection. Paphiopedilum purpuratum on the left and Paphiopedilum wardii on the right. Two lovely species in my opinion. I bought the wardii plant after seeing emyduras photos last year on the species...
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    Paphiopedilum Iantha Stage

    sukhakulii x rothschildianum I bought this plant in low bud from a Danish vendor in the beginning of August. He said that the plant originates from a flask from Taiwan, supposedly with an awarded roth as one parent (although he did not have a clonal name). For a first flowering I am quite...
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    Hi all, I would appreciate some input on what might have affected some of my Cattleya plants. I have something that attacks the new growths, starting with a small black sunken spot or brownish tinge on the new growth. This spreads until the whole leaf tip is black and then the whole leaf...
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    Paphiopedilum Berenice

    Paphiopedilum Berenice (philippinense x lowii) is one of my favourite multifloral hybrids. Especially when the flowers have these twisted petals reminiscent of roebelenii. This plant was bought from Orchid Inn last year. However, I do not know anything about the parentage. I was...
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    Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata 'Rio'

    I finally flowered this plant after having it for three years. It did not grow well until I gave it a wider and shallower pot. This flowering shoot was basically grown under 2 x 54W high-output T5 fluorescent tubes. Just a little winter sun in a north-facing window. It is a clone bought from...
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    Angraecum sesquipedale

    Famous species, endemic to Madagascar. I am extra thrilled to flower this species as it is quite connected with Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory. I have studied biology and ecology half my life and have read much about Darwin. He predicted that there must exist an undiscovered moth species...
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    Cattleya walkeriana

    Bought from Vackerot in France two years ago as a Cattleya walkeriana var. coerulea seedling. Now when it flowers for the first time it turned out to be a tipo. However, I am still thrilled to have flowered a C. walkeriana. Only downside is that I now have two tipo plants...
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    Paphiopedilum gratrixianum

    (Purple Mountain x Billy´s Dark One) Species from Laos and Vietnam. I grew this one outside this summer. Had three buds but one blasted.
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    Recchara Frances Fox

    This hybrid really lights upp the dark days of winter! It is a hybrid between Blc. Polka Dot and Myrmecophila tibicinis. It was registred in 1985 by G. Spence. According to RHS the appropiate name should nwadays be Myrmecatavola Frances Fox. However, I like the older name better... :p...
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    Laelia sincorana x Laelia ghillanyi

    This is a cross between Laelia sincorana and Laelia ghillanyi. It is a strong grower and flowers regularly (second time this year). I just love the pastel colors in the flowers. I grow this one bright with supplemental light during winter.
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    Cattleya labiata f. coerulea

    Bought it as a FS plant a while back and this is the first time it flowers for me. I could have wished for maybe 3+ flowers per stem, but I am not complaining. :) I am happy with the form an color of the flowers. It also has a lovely fragrance.
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    Cattleya dowiana var. aurea

    Just as JeanLux I have got my first Cattleya dowiana in bloom and I am thrilled! :drool: This is a first-flowering seedling, bought two years ago from a dutch vendor. As I said, this is the first time I have flowered this magnificent species and I am thrilled even though it is only one...
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    Someone tried ProAlexin?

    Hi, I recently stumbled upon an organically certified product called ProAlexin. Has anyone here heard about it or used it on their orchids? It is supposedly a natural fungicide and can aid the plant in the uptake of nutrients. I have found very little information, but there seem to be two...
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    Platystele umbellata

    Platystele umbellata is an orchid species from Colombia where it is found at elevations between 600 and 1600 m. I grow this plant on a waterfilled, porous terracotta pipe. It has been mounted there for about a year and is growing like crazy. As the water evaporates from the moist surface of the...