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    Phrag. besseae seedlings with curved leaves

    These Phrag. besseae seedlings had been deflasked for 10 days. The agar was removed carefully without disturbing their entangled roots. They were put as a compot with very loose packed sphagnum moss as the media. The light was nearly 500 fc for 12 hours a day. The humidity should be high...
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    Light requirement of phrag. flask

    I bought a phrag. flask last week. Might be due to transportation stress or high temperature, the lower leaves are brown. I try to keep it in the GH for sometime to wait for recovery form the tress. The problem is how much light is required for a Phrag. flask? For easier determination, please...
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    OZ line Phrag. besseae

    Since OZ is out of buziness. Where can I purchase OZ line besseae and accepts international order? I live in South-East Asia.