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    New Guy

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! And thanks Chicago Chad for telling me of the group. Chad, that callosum split is from the first Paph I ever owned. :-)
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    New Guy

    Ok. I figured out how to attach photos. Only allowed SMALL photos! :-) This is the East Paph window.
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    New Guy

    Growing up in Iowa left me with a bit of a green thumb. :-) I lived in IL for 18 years, and picked up the Orchid hobby there. I moved to Salt Lake City, UT about 7 years ago. A wee bit harder to grow here due to the low low humidity. Right now, I grow in the house. I'm looking at creating...
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    New Guy

    Hi. I'm the new guy on Slippertalk. <waves hello> I received my first orchid as a gift from my department manager (and mentor) back in 2005. It was a Cat cross. Sorry... not a Paph! Now... I've got over 150 in my house. Yup... orchids are like Tribbles! Heheheeee!
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    All my fungus gnats are gone

    Gnats I've used predatory nematodes to dispatch the fungus gnats in the past. They work for the tropical plants in the house too.
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    Diodonopsis erinacea 'Galaga' CCE/AOS

    Its a beautiful well grown plant Chad! Well deserving of the AOS award! This is Bruce by the way. :-)