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  1. Guldal

    Cattleya trianae alba ‘Broomhill’

    Hear , hear! :)
  2. Guldal

    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    I know, but as this is a hybrid, no CITES-permit is required, and we would be in business scotch free, I gather! 😉
  3. Guldal

    Last of the Charlies

    I guess, it's rather than praying more down to cool cash and paying! ;)
  4. Guldal

    Lc. Ports of Paradise ‘Emerald Isle’ FCC/AOS; Rlc. Betty Ford ‘York’

    Two strikingly coloured flowers! Congrats on the flowering, Belle!
  5. Guldal

    Last of the Charlies

    Good things come to those.....!
  6. Guldal

    Another Cattleya Bob Betts ‘white lightning’

    Gorgeous - and darn well grown! Kudos, David! As we are in the realm of hybrids, I would be more than happy to help you out with respect to the superflous part of the division! 😁
  7. Guldal

    Last of the Charlies

    Indeed! 👏👏👏
  8. Guldal

    Ludisia discolor hv. Red Devils ‘Gates of Hell’

    Ah 💡 Meaning: that it is still a species, botanically speaking, but due to heavy duty linebreeding it has materialized with this stunningly coloured leavage?
  9. Guldal

    Ludisia discolor hv. Red Devils ‘Gates of Hell’

    It certainly has a certain WAUW-factor! 🤩 (What's the 'hv.' standing for?)
  10. Guldal

    Paph. Hung Shen Wild Cat (P. bellatulum x P. anitum)

    Thank you, Leslie! Yes, and why It's absurd to entirely sink anitum into adductum. I can follow the view, that the morphological differences between anitum and adductum might not suffice for its present varietal status (though that debate might run along the lines of parishii versus dianthum...
  11. Guldal

    Paph. fairrieanum ('Gracefully Tall' x self)

    Hopefully, the lilac hue is due to the light setting! Otherwise, a neat surprise and a wonderful, regal fma bohlmannianum. Congrats!
  12. Guldal

    Some pictures

    Impressive display! I especially love your extremely well coloured P. helenae, but you've got an embarrassement of riches in your GH. Where are you situated? Kind regards, Jens, Copenhagen, DK
  13. Guldal

    Paph. primulinum

    A true rhyme-smith, you are! As would Yoda have said!
  14. Guldal

    Insigne fma sanderae

    Ah, when magnifying the photo I could see them, so indeed fma sanderae, but a gorgeous one to boast! 🤗
  15. Guldal

    Some paphs I have

    As always, what can I do, but agree with Rudolf! Do you have a name for the nice, very vini hybrid?
  16. Guldal

    Insigne fma sanderae

    Very beautifull, Istvan! In your photo one can barely detect very vaguely the remnants of anthocyanin spotting - are they more visible in natura?!
  17. Guldal

    Paphiopedilum fairrieanum

    Gorgeous fairrie!
  18. Guldal

    Paph Lady Isobel

    Your plant looks simply formidable with 5 flowers, Stephen! :) The correction of the misspelled name by the RHS registrar is actually due to some brilliant orchid sleuthing by another STC-member, NickP. If you go to his post on this matter here and follow the link to his blog post, you get...
  19. Guldal

    Paph. Hung Shen Wild Cat (P. bellatulum x P. anitum)

    Yes, it looks like a first cousin to your P. Hung Shen Tango 'Fox Valley' (which might not come as a surprise, when keeping in mind that the one cross is made with godefroyae and the other with bellatulum!).
  20. Guldal

    Paph. primulinum

    Evening light:Plant and flower in toto: