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  1. Lucienne

    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    @merc , one thing that a botanical garden employee told me: if a plant is genetically weak, then it is better to throw it away. There is no point in fighting, it will die anyway. Of course, I never do that, but in fact I am convinced of the validity of this point of view. @JayeL , I see no...
  2. Lucienne

    paph helenae + thaianum help?

    My experience with helenae has not yet gived blooming and the first plant died, but I can say that she responds very well to soft water (in my case RO) and calcium, good aeration of the roots. For my plants, I always choose a pot that is exactly the size of the root system. The plant you are...
  3. Lucienne

    Creeping Phragmipedium schlimii

    @richgarrison Many thanks for idea! 😃 Such a simple system, but it never crossed my mind!😊
  4. Lucienne

    Rosy Dawn a cross of (Paph. Astarte x Paph. Gwen Hannen)

    Mine also blooms now, even with two flowers. Surprisingly, I noticed that many people likes this hybrid. In any case, there are a lot of reactions to its flowering :)
  5. Lucienne


    You can use a smartphone app, although some say it's inaccurate. However, I am inclined to believe his testimony and do not strive for filigree accuracy in this.
  6. Lucienne

    Cochineal on my haynaldianum ...please help

    @Justin thanks for your reply and congratulations on defeating the pest! In Russia, no one offers such insecticides ☹ I have not met anything with such active ingredients. @Geraldine, stay alert! 😊 You may not see them for a couple of months, and then suddenly you will find a big colony. In my...
  7. Lucienne

    Cochineal on my haynaldianum ...please help

    Yes, these are mealy bugs. The worst thing is that if they appeared once, then now you need to be especially careful and attentively. Always inspect the plants and carefully remove any whites. Has anyone managed to get rid of them once and for all?
  8. Lucienne

    yellow leaves on paph. gigantifolium

    I have the same problem with phillippinense. I heard the opinion that such a condition may indicate a lack of calcium. I added dolomite flour, but I don't see any progress. 😢
  9. Lucienne

    Noid, help

    Looks like argus, but I have doubts. May be a hybrid with argus.
  10. Lucienne

    My new plants for July 2020

    An interesting planting. Can you tell more and show on the photos?
  11. Lucienne

    Villosum ?

    It`s an old complex hybryd. Villosum nay be one of parents. The natural villosum has clean green leaves.
  12. Lucienne

    Phrags in situ

    I watched all the videos about our favorite pets on YouTube. I agree, this is perhaps the one of the best! I would like more interesting, useful and informative content about slippers :)