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    Paph helenae

    This one comes from taiwanese breeding and took a little over three years from deflasking to first flower
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    Paph micranthum

    a bit out of season, but im quite happy how it turned out
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    Paphiopedilum phillippinense

    This is the first bloom of a P. phillippinense seedling i bought 3 years ago. Only three flowers, but i think it has a bit of potential... future blooms will show:wink:
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    Deflasked Seedlings with yellow leaf tips

    Dear Slipper friends, Some weeks ago i got some flasks of diverse multifloral paphio species from Taiwan. they were roughly one week in transit before they arrived. They were a little shaken and bruised, so i deflasked the problematic ones immediately. Now, 2 weeks later, i managed that...