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  1. Ozpaph

    Paph lawrenceanum fma hyeanum

    thats different
  2. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum insigne fma. sanderianum

    that's a beauty - not often seen
  3. Ozpaph

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    its pretty, anyway
  4. Ozpaph

    Paph chamberlainianum

    very nicely coloured
  5. Ozpaph

    Paph lawrenceanum fma hyeanum

    I understand 'Hyeanum' isnt a specific cultivar but a name that is applied to all 'albino' forms of lawrenceanum, (unless there was only ever one 'albino' form and all are divisions - unlikely), so there will be some variation.
  6. Ozpaph

    Cattleya gaskelliana

    delicate and beautiful
  7. Ozpaph

    Cymbidium goeringii-Mid Oct 2021 buds check.

    you are very patient
  8. Ozpaph

    Cattleya dormaniana

    nice lip colour
  9. Ozpaph

    Paph. Hung Shen Wild Cat (P. bellatulum x P. anitum)

  10. Ozpaph

    2021.10.23 Paphiopedilum Lady Rothschild & Paph. Michael Koopowitz

    lovely, especially the MK
  11. Ozpaph

    another henry ;-)

    very pretty
  12. Ozpaph

    Buying problem

    sometimes the bid withdraws the item if they wont get the price they want - rather dishonest. Better not to have lost any money. Report it to eBay.
  13. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Anisha' AM/AOC

    well done David. Its an excellent flower.
  14. Ozpaph

    Paph appletonianum fma immaculatum (*)

    needs a sib cross
  15. Ozpaph

    C. Caudabec Candy

    very nice
  16. Ozpaph

    Paph. rothschildianum 'New Horizon' x 'Raptor'

    very promising. grow it big!
  17. Ozpaph

    Paph haynaldianum fma album

    very nice
  18. Ozpaph

    Cattleya bowringiana

    better take the garden shears to work! (do you work at a hospital?) Im surprised how 'short' your 'bow' is. All the ones I see are 60-90cm tall.
  19. Ozpaph

    Cattleya bowringiana

    Maybe they dont own lawn mowers in Denmark.........
  20. Ozpaph

    Paphiopedilum Prince Edward of York (rothschildianum x sanderianum)

    amazing growing. Plant must be years old.