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  1. SEMO-Cypr

    Albino Acaule

    I recently purchased some seedlings from Spangle Creek Labs and I had 3 of 6 seedlings come up as Albinos! I’ve never seen this in Cyps before. I wish they were variegated so they would have a chance to survive, these are pretty awesome!! Really surprised and grateful to experience them. I...
  2. SEMO-Cypr

    Media question on seedlings

    Hello Cypripedium friends, I have some seedlings coming from Spangle Creek and just wanting some advice on what media to use. I have some Tibeticum and Reginea that I’d like your input on. I have Dr. Mathis book to hardy orchids and will just use his mix but if you have better ideas I’d like...
  3. SEMO-Cypr

    Over wintering

    I have about 10, 2year seedlings of Pubescens and Kentuckiense that I have potted up and have gone dormant. Pubescens about 4 weeks ago and Kentuckiense just this week with a few outside still green! My question is should I bag and put the entire pot into my beer fridge or should I remove...
  4. SEMO-Cypr

    Cypripedium seedlings

    First post minus initial greeting so I apologize if it’s a little long and I ramble a bit. I have 6 seedlings a piece of Kentuckiense and Pubescens coming in a few weeks from Spangle Creek labs. I plan to grow 3 seedlings of each indoors under lights and the other 3 outside in pots in the...
  5. SEMO-Cypr

    Greetings from South East Missouri

    Good afternoon, and happy almost Easter! :) I’ve spent the last few weeks trolling around on here for information. Which I have to say thank you to all the knowledgeable and more experienced folks out there for sharing. I’ve been a casual grower of orchids and African violets since...