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  1. dodidoki

    Rare phrag near to bloom

    update.Growing slowly.
  2. dodidoki

    Paphiopedilum delenatii album😁😁😁

    Nice leaves..🤣🤣🤣
  3. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    Oh, is from stauss orchid, all of plants turned to fake what I bought from him before. But prices are so high!!!
  4. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    Thanks David, I think so, looks gigas x lueddemanniana to me.
  5. dodidoki

    Cattleya gaskelliana

    Do you remember my big sweeping off???🤣🤣🤣
  6. dodidoki

    Cattleya gaskelliana

    Thank you David.
  7. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    Big....maybe 18-20 cm.
  8. dodidoki

    Cattleya dormaniana

    First congrats on good saving and nice flower.I love "p.ssy flower"!😊😊😊Second, walker and nobilior is not easy plants, i have more , growing well, but no flower, any....
  9. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    Maybe Carmen? Yes, it has horns but flower is much bigger than regular luddis and the lip pattern reminds me to gigas...
  10. dodidoki

    Cattleya lueddemanniana

    I got it as trianaei, I think it is different.
  11. dodidoki

    Paphiopedilum daoense: First Bloom!

    Very nice flower, congratulations!!!
  12. dodidoki

    Cattleya gaskelliana

    in bloom
  13. dodidoki

    Buying problem

    Yes, ebay.It was a seller from France.
  14. dodidoki

    Buying problem

    I know this is off-topic question, i could not find appropriate topic...I bidded on a plant, I was the only one but plant, my bid and seller disappeared few ours before end time.Any idea???
  15. dodidoki

    Phragmipedium fischeri

    i really love this sp.As Eric said, not an easy sp, so i must send my congratulations to you.
  16. dodidoki

    Cattleya bowringiana

    Now its bowringiana season.
  17. dodidoki

    Paph purpuratum fma album

    Ohhh, one of the rarest albino form....Congrats on blooming.
  18. dodidoki

    Paphiopedilum micranthum fma album (What’s the deal?)

    It likes cool, shady conditions with higher humidity but less water.It is my opinion.
  19. dodidoki

    Cattleya bicolor coerulea

    I got it as a seedling size plant, 5 years later it is its first blooming.It has no side lobe, only the base of lobe has a little curvature.
  20. dodidoki

    Paph henryanum forma christae

    very nice!It is a rare treasure of any collention!!!