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  1. T.paph

    Brachy & Complex

    This month blooms.
  2. T.paph

    Paph. insigne v. sanderea

    First bloom for me. Enjoy.
  3. T.paph

    Cypripedium parviflorum

    It is blooming in my garden. Does anyone know the variety name of this one?
  4. T.paph

    Paph. leucochilum?

    I bought this as a small seedling and labeled as Paph. niveum. The flower is clearly not niveum. Could anyone tell me, Is it a true leucochilum specie?
  5. T.paph

    Paph. Double Up

    First bloom seedling. Paph. Double Up (Stone Lovely x Elfstone)
  6. T.paph

    Phrag. Amitabha

    Phrag. Amitabha ( besseae x Patti MacHale ) I got this one as a small seedlind in 2007. First bloom, very compact plant. Whole Plant
  7. T.paph

    Paph. bellatulum

    First bloom.
  8. T.paph

    Paph. In-Charm Space

  9. T.paph

    Paph. Emerald Brocade

    Paph. Emerald Brocade ( Limerick x Greenvale ) I've had this one for 2 years, first time blooming. The plant is small, I will have to cut the flower off soon. LS. 22cm NS. 9.5cm
  10. T.paph

    Paph. Doktor Karlheinz Senghas ‘Grethe’

    This one is blooming for about a month.
  11. T.paph

    Paph. China Moon

    I can't take credit for this one. I bought it last month. enjoy!!! By tpaph