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  1. My Green Pets

    Cattleya dormaniana

    Well done!
  2. My Green Pets

    Some seedling progress

    These all look so great. Just a joy to behold. I want to send you my unhappy Paphs so that you can save them.
  3. My Green Pets

    Bulbophyllum lepidum

    Cute little fan-shaped inflorescences. Grows in a bark/perlite/sphagnum mix.
  4. My Green Pets

    Clowesetum Jumbo York

    thanks and lucky lucky lucky getting spikes on all 3! i must've gotten one of the last ones because mine is small and no way it's gonna bloom this year.
  5. My Green Pets

    Clowesetum Jumbo York

    Oh I agree with you on the Cycnoches. I just got a cooperi seedling this year from SVO and am super excited about it. Apparently the female flowers are long-lived! Stephen Van Kampen Lewis featured his on his youtube channel this week.
  6. My Green Pets

    Cattleya Bob Betts ‘White Lightning’

    I like how narrow the tube is at the proximal end!
  7. My Green Pets

    Clowesetum Jumbo York

    Out of all the species and hybrids of this group the Clowesetums are my favorites. No exception here, it's awesome. Enjoy!
  8. My Green Pets

    Microscopic mites on paphs

    There are also predatory mites you can introduce to eat the baddies. I got two different kinds from arbico organics earlier this year and they seem to have taken care of them! Not a single mite found on my Catasetums this year, which were covered in spider mites last year.
  9. My Green Pets

    cattleya labiata semialba amesiana

    very pretty. what's the size? is there a difference between delicata and amesiana?
  10. My Green Pets

    Epiphyllum oxypetalum

    On that note, how large do they have to be to flower? I was given a cutting a couple of years ago.
  11. My Green Pets

    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS x 'Samurai'

    All I could say when I saw this was DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN Absolutely amazing, wow, ugh GOALS!!!!
  12. My Green Pets

    The story of Black Orchids?! 10.21.21

    Ooh I think my Desert Davison 'Osiris' is featured in this!
  13. My Green Pets

    A precocious walkeriana

    Love the setup and the foggers. I have yet to venture into the realm of automatic watering but I would love to get there. Great job achieving the 'balance' ... I'm still working on that.
  14. My Green Pets

    C. Pearl Harbor ‘Orchidglade’ AM/ AOS

    Yep, never gonna be tired of these big floofy whites!
  15. My Green Pets

    Cattleya Bob Betts a classic

    as over 50% mossiae i would think this plant was a spring bloomer. unless you are in the southern hemisphere?
  16. My Green Pets

    Cattleya Helen P Dane 'Magnifica' AM/AOS

    love it. wonder what crossing with a classic bow bells would produce.
  17. My Green Pets

    Tamiami Orchid Festival October 1st - 3rd, 2021

    Wish I could be there. I was looking for photos of the shirt but didn't see anything. Anyone there this weekend? Live updates anywhere?
  18. My Green Pets

    Phal philippinensis

    So lovely. Fragrant at all?
  19. My Green Pets

    Another cattleya labiata rubra

    Wonderful. I have a two rubra and one semi-alba labiata seedlings. Looking forward to those early autumn blooms to kick in after rex season.