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  1. Chicago Chad


    Hung Sheng breeding
  2. Chicago Chad


  3. Chicago Chad


    This one has stronger contrast than the others I have flowered.
  4. Chicago Chad

    definitely not sangii

    So this one came as sangii but we can see it is not
  5. Chicago Chad

    Pacific Orchid Expo 2018

    Any of you slipper nuts going to San Fran next month?
  6. Chicago Chad

    villosum var. boxallii

  7. Chicago Chad


    I am trying out tapatalk since I hate using computers on the weekend and my work has become a real pain in the ass about uploading stuff while I am there. So we'll see how it goes. Hopefully it's easier than imageshack the first time. That's a joke Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  8. Chicago Chad

    Kevin Porter

    This is a hybrid I am rather happy with. I could probably have a few dozen more and not get so lucky since the variation is rather wide. I think it is worth a selfing or crossed with the pollen from my dark, mini fairrieanum... just for fun. The color break looks quite prominent at the time...
  9. Chicago Chad

    3 Kings

    3 King Charles all from the same sib cross. The last one also has unusually variegated foliage. I will be selling them when the weather is warm and if any interest is expressed in them. I believe the first 2 have some potential for breeding if one were inclined. King Charles 'Top Heavy'...
  10. Chicago Chad

    Hymenorchis javanica

    Since Naoki showed success with his plant, here is another to compare. This was originally from Tom DE
  11. Chicago Chad

    Suhkacan (suhkakulii x ....)

    so.... shoot me:poke: Yes it's a can cross and it is obviously lab grown. My ethics are fine with it so I thought I would share with you. I believe it is the first hybrid I know of to be produced from the new species. RHS- Suhkacan (Popow) I left the full name out of the title for those...
  12. Chicago Chad

    ID me please!! (exul hybrid?)

    This is a mystery to me. I would appreciate any and all considerations. I can see exul, helenae and maybe coccineam. I am not a hybrid grower so if the plant is desirable to someone in the states, I am sure we can work something out. Origin-OZ, unlabeled
  13. Chicago Chad

    miniature fairrieanum, 'Raspberry Web' (x self)

    first blooming for this tiny little guy
  14. Chicago Chad

    gratixianum or affine?

    This is a plant I purchased as Paph vejvarutianum. I had thought it was with how the plant looked prior to the flower opening. It is about half the size of my other line bred 'gratixianum' This one is much more waxy in texture, smaller in NS, shorter inflorescence height and the spotting is...
  15. Chicago Chad

    charlesworthii fma album

    A plant that came from Popow a while ago. It has flowered at least 3 times. The flower in March had a 6.6cm wide dorsal sepal and I set a pod on it. The pod was cut a few days ago.
  16. Chicago Chad

    Sunipia grandiflora/ Bulbophyllum lopalanthum

    A plant I got earlier in the year that is blooming for the first time. It is relatively uncommon and I think pretty cool. The flower changes form quite a bit as it opens and reflexes backwards.
  17. Chicago Chad

    2 henrys

    spots and spotless
  18. Chicago Chad


    one with good form, from Glen Decker
  19. Chicago Chad

    NOID bellatulum type

    nice but probably not pure bella
  20. Chicago Chad

    godefroyae showing potential

    a small dark and round one from Popow