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  1. Junglejewel

    Paph sangii

    Well here it is. First bloom for me. A little deformed, but that’s ok. I’m just glad I was able to bloom it!! I bought it as a small seedling, a year and a half ago and it’s been very vigorous for me.
  2. Junglejewel

    Hoya fungii

    This is a first time bloomer for me. Question for anyone that grow hoya’s. Have you ever seen a peduncle growing off of another peduncle?? I’ve never seen this, and I have many species that bloom prolifically.
  3. Junglejewel

    Gastrochilus Retrocalla

    This guy is going crazy too! Lol so tiny and cute, and smells like the most amazing sweet, sugary lemons! There are 4 mature plants in this 1.5” pot! I’ve counted a total of 11 spikes that are forming, and or blooming this year! Love this little cutie!
  4. Junglejewel

    Hoya Surigaoensis

    This is a first time bloomer for me. 2 peduncles blooming on a 5’ vine. That’s 5’ of grow just this summer out doors! This smells exactly like a pina colada! Lol
  5. Junglejewel

    Eurychone Rothschildiana

    Love this little guy. Smells strong of cinnamon!
  6. Junglejewel

    Bulbophyllum Tingabarinum

    Love this little guy. This year, it graced me with 3 spikes! 2 blooming and another forming still. Love the vivid orange color and the amazing scent of cilantro! Yum! Haha
  7. Junglejewel

    Undescribed wild venustum???

    I was going through one of my books, The Genus Paphiopedilum, and came across the picture of a venustum in the wild. I’ve never seen a venustum like this before... it’s a color form with almost no purple coloring on the under sides of the leaves, just a few spots at the base... but what’s more...
  8. Junglejewel


    This thing is a beauty! Blooms about once every 2 years.
  9. Junglejewel

    venustum ‘master’ HCC/AOS x self

    This is one of the best venustum’s I have. Yet another example of the results I get from keeping my venustum’s almost wet. Can’t see in the photos, but there is a 3rd fan in the back that is also starting to spike.
  10. Junglejewel

    Hoya ds-70

    My favorite Hoya. It smells of strong, rich, sweet butterscotch. By the way, all that growth is one spring/summer outside!! I cut off all the old growth. 14”-20” vines in a matter of 6 months outside in the valley heat!! Insane grower!!
  11. Junglejewel

    Hoya lacunosa

    This thing blooms all year round!!! I lost count after counting 46 peduncles!!! This thing is insane and smells so damn good!! A strong sweet jasmine smell.
  12. Junglejewel

    venustum ‘Bhulanensis’ x (venustum pardinum x venustum pynuralianum)

    A reliable bloomer for me every year.
  13. Junglejewel

    Pure venustum ‘fox catcher’ FCC/AOS

    Here is a first time bloomer for me of venustum ‘fox catcher’ FCC/AOS
  14. Junglejewel

    Venustum ‘Pink Wings’ update!

    For everyone worried about the reflex of the petals, this is day 21 of the open bloom and it’s marvelous!!
  15. Junglejewel

    WOW!!! Venustum ‘pink wings’

    Wow this thing is gorgeous!! First time bloomer for me, and I am thrilled!! It’s venustum ‘pink wings’ x ‘flat wings’.
  16. Junglejewel

    Venustum (3 blooms)

    One of my favorite venustum’s I have. She’s a beauty!
  17. Junglejewel

    Cycnoches Chlorochilon

    My Cycnoches Clorochilon is in bloom. I love this thing!! Every winter, it fills the room with a very strong aroma of sweet banana popsicles!
  18. Junglejewel

    Paph Liemianum

    First time bloomer for me, and I'm in love!
  19. Junglejewel

    Gastrochilus Retrocalla

    My Gastrochilus Retrocalla is in bloom. I love this tiny little guy!! So cute!
  20. Junglejewel

    Cycnoches pentadactylon

    My cyc. Pentadactylon is in bloom. Has a strong smell of cotton candy.