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    Bud blast on roth?

    Hi there, about 2 weeks ago I noticed that there was a tight sheath in the axils of my roth which was the beginnings of the flower stalk. About 2 weeks later now and the sheath has pushed up a bit but its still not elongating very much? I heard that it takes up to 6 weeks for a roth to flower...
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    How deep do we pot the rhizome of the plant?

    Hi, am busy repotting some newly acquired barerooted multiflorals and wondering if I should expose the rhizome above the potting material (worried about rots) or should it be just below? Or should I just top dress it with sphag to cover the rhizome like what is commonly done for phrags? Any...
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    Kelpmax versus Maxicrop

    Hi I have heard great things about what Kelpmax does but as it is not available in the UK, is Maxicrop seaweed extract a good alternative for paphs? I have used it on my garden plants before but never on my orchids. Care to shed your experience with it?
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    Lining the tops of pots with live sphagnum

    I have just repotted some newly acquired roths and the older leaves are showing some signs of yellowing which I was told was normal as a consequence of the bare rooting process. I have read many previous posts about the benefits of live sphagnum on promoting root (but not top growth) and was...
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    To use Epsom salts or not?

    Hi, I was advised by Sam to water with Epsom salts (1 teaspoon to 4 litres of water) every few weeks as some of the new plants I have obtained are showing some signs of very light yellowing (the older leaves only) and at the very tip of the older leaves a slight browning. My water quality...
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    Growing paphs in low humidity

    Hi, I tend to grow most of my paphs in my home where the humidity fluccuates from 30 to 45% at most. Has anyone had any experience with coping with lower humidity in the home and still grown their multiflorals successfully? Mine are windowsill grown and receive no supplementary lighting and the...
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    New plants and flasks from Sam

    Finally got my seedlings and flasks from Sam when he was dropping by in London on Sunday. The plants were immaculately packed and were in beautiful condition and not a single broken leaf in sight considering it has made the journey across the pond and on to Solihul where Sam was giving a talk...
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    Distilled water versus R/O water

    Hi, I have been having a look at the possibilities of getting very pure water for watering my paphs as the water in the london area is very hard with a TDS of 370ppm. I was considering getting a water distiller (Megahome water distiller) which is quite neat for my small scale use versus R/O...
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    Bleach for initial seedling dip

    Hi all, have been trying to find a suitable fungicide as an initial dip for paph seedlings after deflasking but not sure which one will be safe enough to use. Here in the UK they have banned quite a number of fungicides including Physan 20 and an orchid grower told me some growers have used a...
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    Peruflora - no reply

    Hi all, has anyone tried to contact Peruflora via their email at [email protected] recently? I have sent emails and not got any reply at all. And their website is not functional so I am not sure how I am able to get hold of their latest flask list that I can order from so I can collect...
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    Fungicide for seedlings

    Hi all, I have a fungicide and bactericide called Physan 20. Is it safe to use on newly deflasked seedlings? Which fungicides do you use to prevent rots on new seedlings?
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    Maternal versus paternal influence

    Hi all, the amount of new things I learn from the experts on this board is phenomenal! When I posted a thread, it was mentioned that the pod parent (ie. maternal influence) is more apparent than the pollen parent (paternal influence). Has anyone observed this phenomenon in their own breeding...
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    Holiday care of deflasked seedlings

    Hi there, I have some deflasked roths and sanderianum seedlings which I have grown on as a clump (I have not separated the plants on removal from the flask) in one community pot and they have been growing for 3 months now. I will be going away on vacation for about a week and was wondering...
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    Choice of flasks from Sam Tsui

    Hi everyone, a newbie trying out some paphs from flasks and not really decided on which would be a more vigorous cross and have better flowers. The flasks are from Sam which I know have a very good reputation: 1) Paph Rothschildianum (Giant wings x Canadian Club) versus (Giant wings x...