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    Need a snake repellent

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a snake repellent that actually works? I'm tired of going out to pick up one of my orchids only to be startled by a black snake slithering along the bench. Just happened again a couple minutes ago. And the snake has the audacity to look at me like I'm doing...
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    Gongora grossa

    I've had this plant for a while now, it's been divided a few times, but I haven't done so recently, and it hasn't been repotted in a couple years either. I'm pretty proud of this one. Picture quality isn't real good, but I think you can see well enough. It started blooming back in mid...
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    Help with Bulb. ID please

    I've lost the tag for this one, but hoping someone can help me ID it? You can see the buds in the picture, and they bloom on extremely short spikes. Also the pseudobulbs are pretty distinctive. Any ideas? Thanks, Renee
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    RO question

    Hello, I have set up a 5 stage RO system to get me through the dry months. Basically I have it so it doesn't go all the time, just when my water barrel gets below a certain level. The problem is it doesn't seem to be able to get below 90 TDS. Total gallons so far are about 2000. I don't think...
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    Phrag temp tolerances

    I recently received two Phrags hybrids from a friend (Thank You), they are Appalaichan Sunset and Mem. Dick Clements. These are my first two I've ever tried, so I need some advice please. Can anyone recommend minimum winter temps please? Thanks, Renee
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    TDS numbers

    I've been collecting some TDS numbers over the last month. What do you all think? Tap water - 50 - 70ppm TDS. Fertilizer water - avg about 850ppm TDS. (25/75 MSU/K-lite) Rain water (collected as free fall not run off) - 9 - 17ppm TDS. And then one day, after about 2 inches of rain...
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    Cymbidium ensifolium alba seed pod

    I have a seed pod on my Cym. ensifolium alba that is starting to get pretty fat. This happened naturally, so I cannot guarantee it is a selfing, but I can say I had no other Cymbidiums, or anything related to Cymbidium blooming at the time, so it's a good chance it's a selfing. I don't know...
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    Favorite Dendrobiums

    I grow a variety of Dendrobium species, but these two are my favorites, mostly because of the fragrance. Dendrobium ruckeri, when the sun is shining, it has a strong honey scent, but when it is cloudy the scent changes to almost black pepper. It's a neat little thing. And Dendrobium...
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    Question on bloom improvement

    I don't have a lot of experience with Paph blooms, so how much realistically can I expect a plant to improve on it's second blooming. Specifically, is there a chance the striping on the dorsal sepal will clean up? Or is that much of an improvement not realistic? To show what I mean. Please...