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  1. Spaph

    Paph. insigne

    I got this plant from eggshells, just love the lighter coloring. I have read about how variable this species was when originally discovered and grown with so many different color forms. Nice to have one that is a bit different from all the similar clones out there these days.
  2. Spaph

    Paph. purpuratum ('Thunderbird' x Plum Red') x self

    Got this plant from Lehua Orchids back in January of this year and now this is the outcome, very pleased!
  3. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum wilhelminae 'Ibn's Magic Touch' FCC/AOS

    This is a plant I got from eggshells and is of Orchid Inn Breeding. I knew it was a special plant, but I didn't know this special! On Saturday it received a 90 pint FCC/AOS. 16.8 cm horrizontal spread and 11cm vertical. I named it for eggshells as he is one of the most talented Paph growers...
  4. Spaph

    Paph. exul

    First blooming, just love this species, slow growing for me, but to be expected with my cool pacific northwest evenings.
  5. Spaph

    Paph. intaniae

    First blooming, a plant I bought a couple years ago from John M.
  6. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum Hawaiian Flight

    Paphiopedilum Hawaiian Flight (Hawaiian Illusion 'Pink Flares' x Flighty Fred 'In Red') first blooming from Lehua Orchids in Hilo Hawaii
  7. Spaph

    Paph. Macabre Illusion

    This is the first to flower of about a dozen different crosses I got in person at Lehua Orchids on the Big Island of Hawaii during the World Slipper Orchid Conference. Such amazing breeding, I can't wait for the other crosses to bloom. This cross is Paph. Hawaiian Illusion 'Saturatingly Lehua'...
  8. Spaph

    Spring species

    Left to right- appletonianum var. hainanense, lowii, sangii, and two different villosums
  9. Spaph

    lowii and Fanaticum

  10. Spaph

    2018 World Slipper Orchid Conference- Hilo Hawaii January 2018

    I just got back from attending the World Slipper Orchid Conference and 62nd Paph Guild Meeting in Hilo Hawaii. In addition to a beautiful location and a fantastic speaker line up, I got to tour amazing Paph growers Lehua Orchids and Hilo Orchid Farmwith pictures from both nurseries via the...
  11. Spaph

    Paph. sugiyamanum and friends

  12. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum fairrieanum (Dark Stripes x Red Zebra)

    First bloom seedling from Piping Rock.
  13. Spaph

    Paph. henryanum

  14. Spaph


    First blooming, seed grown origin from Shen-Liu orchids in Taiwan
  15. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum chamberlainianum

  16. Spaph

    barbatum, callosum and potentianum

    I'm lucky to have all three of these species open at the same time to put them side by side to show how different each is from one another.
  17. Spaph

    Max. striata 'Robin Jane' FCC/AOS

    I just got awarded today a FCC for this plant, a dream come true after 30 years of growing orchids :)
  18. Spaph

    Paph. hainanense & micranthum 'Sasha'

  19. Spaph

    Paphiopedilum schoseri

    Old faithful, 4th strait year, just lovely granny smith green on this one.