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  1. SEMO-Cypr

    Tipularia discolor

    They grow like mad in my brothers woods. Some places it’s hard to not step on them. They seriously even pop up in his four wheeler trails.
  2. SEMO-Cypr

    Fungus gnats

    Some Pings grow on the side of trees in nature so you could technically add them to mounts... 🤪. But now I’m just being a smart ass. But the chemical route and mosquito dunks probably the best option as mentioned above.
  3. SEMO-Cypr

    Fungus gnats

    I would add a few carnivorous plants, my go to for gnat control are Pinguicula.. if you have a lot get a P. Gigantea if you got the room or just a Moranensis. They are very easy to propogate so you once started you can just keep adding more plants and moving them around. They are very easy to...
  4. SEMO-Cypr

    Albino Acaule

    Good to know thanks! I have in the past stayed away from foliar applications due to the risk of crown rot. But in the outdoor setting it shouldn’t be much of an issue with all the wind I usually have,
  5. SEMO-Cypr

    Albino Acaule

    Thanks! I checked on them today and still no color. I’ll have to try a pinch of Epson salts and fertilizer. Now why do you suggest urea fertilizer over nitrate? I normally fertilize with MSU, with my tropicals and put a little on my terrestrials and other natives rather than dumping.
  6. SEMO-Cypr

    Albino Acaule

    I recently purchased some seedlings from Spangle Creek Labs and I had 3 of 6 seedlings come up as Albinos! I’ve never seen this in Cyps before. I wish they were variegated so they would have a chance to survive, these are pretty awesome!! Really surprised and grateful to experience them. I...
  7. SEMO-Cypr

    The Calopogons have begun

    Wonderful! What soil mix do you use for them?
  8. SEMO-Cypr

    Media question on seedlings

    Hello Cypripedium friends, I have some seedlings coming from Spangle Creek and just wanting some advice on what media to use. I have some Tibeticum and Reginea that I’d like your input on. I have Dr. Mathis book to hardy orchids and will just use his mix but if you have better ideas I’d like...
  9. SEMO-Cypr

    Where to buy Cypripedium’s?

    I’m a little late to this, but hillside nursery has a few left and prices are much more reasonable. It recently sold out, and prices are rising unfortunately.. How are the Cyps doing that you planted a few years ago?
  10. SEMO-Cypr

    Global Virtual Orchid Show April 4, 2020

    It has been great to see all the GVOS2020 videos, Thank you to everyone that has posted! I’m a novice at Youtube, but here is a look at my plants in bloom.
  11. SEMO-Cypr

    Bletilla striata in habitat

    Thanks for the great information on this species and all the other videos you have done in the past. Huge fan of your bontany boy channel. Looking forward to the video. Btw, your video of riding your bike into the mountains and going through the gauntlet as you aptly mentioned it gave me...
  12. SEMO-Cypr

    Cyp deer damage and recovery

    I have to put a wire cage around my Cyps in the deer haven that is my property.. not pretty but effective. I have yet to loose any to deer. Only from my stupidity and learning to grow them. Side note, I also grow a lot of native plants out in my woods and I push sticks in and around the...
  13. SEMO-Cypr

    Cypripedium sabine

    Great to hear some of your Cyps are up! Looking forward to seeing your Pubescens in bloom. I lost one of my Pubescens seedlings thanks to a slug, it wasn’t strong enough to produce a new eye afterward. But all my Kentuckiense are up and the rest of my Pubescens. But I do pot culture right now...
  14. SEMO-Cypr


    Very nice! Yeah I plan to share my experience with my seedlings from last year and as they progress this year with the new format. I purchased a few near blooming plants from hill side nursery this spring and looking forward to recieving them in a few weeks. I wasn’t paying attention last...
  15. SEMO-Cypr

    I noticed in a few posts that you sell Cyphs, I may have missed it, but do you have a site or...

    I noticed in a few posts that you sell Cyphs, I may have missed it, but do you have a site or list of plants that are available for order with prices? Thanks, Jason
  16. SEMO-Cypr

    Over wintering

    I hope this works to post the picture. The entire year of the seedlings are on my page as well.
  17. SEMO-Cypr

    Over wintering

    I have about 10, 2year seedlings of Pubescens and Kentuckiense that I have potted up and have gone dormant. Pubescens about 4 weeks ago and Kentuckiense just this week with a few outside still green! My question is should I bag and put the entire pot into my beer fridge or should I remove...
  18. SEMO-Cypr

    New member

    Welcome Hah, I agree! I started with a paph noid as well. Greetings from South East Missouri.
  19. SEMO-Cypr

    4.75” rain

    How are your Cyps doing with all this heat and heavy rain?
  20. SEMO-Cypr

    Cypripedium seedlings

    At what point does the cypripedium produce it’s next year rhizome? My 3 year old decided he wanted to become a Gardner too! :noangel: And needless to say he damaged some of my seedlings and they are starting die back. Maybe next year?! Others are going strong!