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    Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

    Would like to share with you rothschildianum origin from Mount Kinabalu with wider leaves although only 2 flowers one is deform i'm still very happy with it. I have few varieties from Telupid with smaller diameter of leaves.
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    Paphio hennisianum

    I got this wonderful species opened more than a week unfortunately both petals got rot I have no choice and cut the infected one. Still have another plant in bud maybe another 2 weeks time.
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    Paphiopedilum hynaldianum var laurae.

    Would like to share another weird species from Philippine got it as a division last Jan 2017 the petals is unusual opened about a month ago.
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    Paphiopedillum callosum.

    Another clone of callosum with greenish dorsal.
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    Paphio concolor var striatum.

    When the season come.
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    Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum

    Another species need to share with you.
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    Pahiopedillum virens

    Would like to share our native species from Mount Kinabalu just opened about 5 a week ago.
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    Paphio stonei

    Would like to share this wonderful species from Sarawak Borneo.
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    Paphiopedilum myanmaricum

    Another beautiful species from my garden.
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    Paphio spicerianum

    My collection I like this one.
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    Paphio sanderianum

    Drought season in December trigger bud formation of this wonderful species from Sarawak, here I attached serial photos from small bud till it's opened. I was intrigued with the small bud finally displayed with very long petals and mature flower.
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    Paphio lawrenceanum

    Just opened 2 days ago and now in the process for the next step. Surprisingly the stem is longer as compared from an old.
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    Paphio concolor var. striatum

    Easy to grow and flower.
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    Paphio liemianum

    Species from Sumatera just opened today.
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    Paphio callosum

    Species from Indochina most probably from Laos/Cambodia. Happy Holiday.
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    Paphiopedilum hainanense

    Just opened few days ago..... interesting flower.
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    Paphio exul

    This time so early by right should be Jan till April another species like to share.
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    Weird sukhakulli

    2 plants with abnormal flowers..... interesting.
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    Paph maudiae ?

    Recently acquired but no ID I like it as the flower is green and white.
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    Paphio gratrixianum

    Another lovely species in my garden.