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  1. vandaalex

    Slippery's henryanum

    Per Slippery, this plant was just recently upgraded from a 79 pt. HCC/AOS to an 87pt AM/AOS just a week ago!
  2. vandaalex

    Are Multifloral Paphs harder than Phrags to grow and bloom ?

    I grow mine on a windowsill & underlights. I was able to bloom my lowii, adductum, sanderianum, philippinense, parishii and multifloral hybrids. I find lowii very easy to bloom.
  3. vandaalex

    Cilillare 2013

    I was my first plant when I was living in the Philippines. Now I'm living in Chicago, anybody knows where I can get one? Great flowers!
  4. vandaalex

    paph fairrieanum 'Raymond Lussier'FCC/AOS

    OMG! Beautiful flowers! Congratulations!
  5. vandaalex

    Paph venustum award

    GREAT JOB SLIPPERY! Waiting for a division;-)
  6. vandaalex

    Paph. Fumi's Delight

    It will definitely improve. Mine did on the third time.
  7. vandaalex

    hello from Turkey

    Welcome from Chicago!
  8. vandaalex

    Paph Lebaudyanum

    OMG! This is amazing!
  9. vandaalex

    Paph Hilo Citron 'Alex Manuel' FCC-AOS

    Thank you so much to all! It was quite a SURPRISE! @li'l frog: Thanks for posting the pic. @Tom: I'll definitely see you at the Madison show.
  10. vandaalex

    Paph Jade Dragon

    One of the nice one I've seen. Good job!
  11. vandaalex

    I love my little Paph. niveum

    Very impressive! Congratulations!
  12. vandaalex

    Two from NEW OS show

    Both flowers are very beautiful! I was there during the judging. Congratulations!
  13. vandaalex

    Tall and beautiful!

    This is CRAZY!!!!! Congrats!
  14. vandaalex

    my reliable charlie

    Goldenrose, I want a division.
  15. vandaalex

    Paphiopedilum - Albino Forms 2011/2012

    I love this species. Thanks for sharing.
  16. vandaalex

    paphiopedilum barbigerum var. sulivongii

    Wild color! Beautiful.
  17. vandaalex

    charlesworthii sandowii in bud

    Congrats! Can't wait to see the flower.
  18. vandaalex

    Paphiopedilum charlesworthii

    Beautiful color.
  19. vandaalex

    Books on Slippers

    It is a good book. I read it all the time!
  20. vandaalex

    my 1st stoneii!

    Congrats Goldenrose!